foodie pride.

how cute are these state by food tote bags? what a cute way to cart home all your favorite local finds from the farmers market. i think i want one.

actually, on second thought, i could go for a rhode island coffee milk and some mississippi mud pie right about now. although, i'm not so sure if i will ever be intrigued by utah jello (?)

thanks to my friend at old sweet song for crushing on the soho and ultimately leading me to yet another fabulous etsy find. you ladies are simply fantastic.


wine wednesday

i have to agree with seven days blogger haylee that "when the weather soars above 90 — and Vermonters curse their neighbors with air conditioning — standing waist deep in lake champlain holding a cold drink sounds like the thing to do." and, clearly, in my opinion, that drink should be wine. but which wine, you ask? now that is a question that dedalus wine shop co-owner jason zuliani, needed to answer. jason, besides being a very cool and well rounded guy, knows quite a bit about wine, especially the kind of wine to drink while wading in the nearest swimming hole during the steamy, but oh so fleeting, days of summer...

and what jason had to say in a recent interview might surprise you. he said the best new wines of summer are either an italian white (like a lugana or grillo) which are generally crisp, minerally, refreshing and vibrant or a rose (which have come along way since the box o' wine white zins of yesteryear!) which should be equally as crisp, juicy, and mouthwatering. lots of good advice, with a little bit of snark...his interview is definitely worth the read and his store is definitely worth a visit! dedalus is filled with tons of yummy bottles (including this and this!) no matter what your mood, taste or the season.

so, i think i just might celebrate the hump day with a cold and crisp glass of wine and a dip in the lake. i hope you all have some tricks up yoursleves tonight too. will be august before you know it!

ps - if there werent enough reasons already to's also national milk chocolate day! gotta love that.


VTuesday Shoesday

by far, one of the best thing about this time of year - aside from the alfresco dining, evening swims, and general gloriousness - is the sales. you know the season is upon us when every place in vermont has a clearance sign in the window, the church street sidewalk sale starts tomorrow and if you are like me, you wake up every morning to an email inbox full of coupons from cyberland! so, in celebration of this most frugally decadent season, this tuesday shoesday is all about stocking up on some summer favorites - all brought to us by the clearance section of piperlime! classic and fun summer sandals to give you a little extra hop in your step on these steamy days...and won't they be fun to unpack again next spring?!

{all these lovelies are via piperlime: 1/2/3/4/5}


mason jar accessories.

you know how i feel about mason jars, so when i came across these vintage apothecary labels at happiness is... i was in heaven. and then to find out that they are a free printable download from the creative mind behind it's just something i made, made them even more heavenly in my book. looks like my vintage milk bottles and mason jars will be getting accessorized!


lots to love this weekend.


life feels pretty lovely these days. and for that i have to thank the the sunny weather, the return of mr. frederickson, and the promise of a great weekend. so there is without a doubt an extra spring in my step today and the countdown to the weekend is on! but in the meantime, a few favorites from here in vermont and around the web:
  • can't wait to go to the ansel adams exhibit at shelburne museum
  • i am sucker for anything with the word rustic - so you know i heart these ladders
  • as if we weren't excited enough for sunday - check out this mashup video. so inappropriate and so wonderful all at the same time
  • simply dying over these mason jar lanterns
{via lady grey}

  • a must try: the brand new made in vermont dwarf goat cheese (huh?! exactly.)
  • i love trucks too. especially the kind that show up at parties with dessert.
  • state fair season has begun! and these images from vermont photographer extraordinaire daria bishop tell quite the story.

{via daria bishop}

  • so proud to be one of her cousins!
  • can you even imagine how lovely this must smell!?
  • i have been dreaming about a weekend here.
  • there is a soft spot in my heart for brandi carlile and this song. looking forward to the concert in vermont next week!

make it a great one! see you monday! XOXO


a day to perfect the nap.

it's national hammock day - a day all about relaxing, slowing down and perfecting the art of the nap. and in my book, that just might be the best day around. sorry, national junk food day and national spilled milk day, you just got trumped.

so, in honor of this great occassion...i bring you just a few of my favorites. more to come later, cause if you can't find a hammock to lounge in today, the next best thing is finding your dream one in cyberland!{1/2/3/4/5/6}


the sweetest attraction.

there are a couple of reasons for this post:

  1. it's national junk food day. yup, it's true (check out some scary stats here)
  2. it's hot and sticky here in vermont - really the perfect day for ice cream
  3. trip advisor just unwrapped their list of america's sweetest attractions

so, for this trifecta of reasons...i bring you, ben & jerry's. more specifically, i bring you the ben and jerry's ice cream factory in waterbury, vt. one of the my most favorite places to visit in vermont...the 30-minute experience begins with a movie recounting the company’s history, and then continues on with a tour of the the production room, where you learn details of the ice cream manufacturing process (and it's a pretty and likeable process, trust me) plus, all summer and fall, you can visit the "flavor graveyard" on the factory grounds, and pay their respects to dearly de-pinted flavors such as pb & j, and economic crunch. (hmm...wonder why that one didn't make it!)

so, friends, in honor of this great day, what's your favorite ben & jerry's flavor? living or deceased?! are you an imagine whirled peace kind of girl? or a chubby hubby kind of guy? whatever you choose, take some time out for a sweet treat today, it's a national holiday, after all!


coffee, but cuter.

i was hanging out this morning in lady grey's archives (a very fun place to be if you ask me!) where i discovered this lovely little take on a DIY iced coffee...heavenly in every possible way. caffeine & chocolate in a mason jar? yes, please. can i make it happen this morning? i think i just might find a way!

what you need:
  • ¾ cups brewed strong coffee, room temperature
  • ¾ cups milk
  • 1 package sweetener, your choice
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
  • 2 tablespoons coffee creamer, flavor of your choice
  • 3 whole ice cubes

what you do:
in a 16 oz. mason jar, put all your ingredients followed with the ice cubes. put the lid and ring on and shake, shake, shake! at this point, you can drink it right out of the jar or pour it over crushed ice and top with whipped cream and drizzle more chocolate for an authentic coffee house experience.


VTuesday Shoesday {meets Field Days}

today was, until just a few moments ago, very uninspired...but then i opened an email from a lovely friend of mine reminding me that this weekend is lamoille county field days! and all of a sudden i had a twinkle in my eye, a spring in my step and a new focus for tuesday shoesday.

for you flatlanders who have no idea what i am talking about, vermont has a charming tradition of state fairs - which are really week long festivals that start now and finish up with the biggest ticket in town, the champlain valley fair over labor day weekend. needless to say, they are fantastic events filled with more creemees and fried dough than you ever thought possible and activities ranging from skillet throwing and baby bottle milk drinking contests to lumber jack round ups and demolition derbys. there are rides and concerts and people to see! and, trust me, you can not show up to a fair unprepared and footwear plays an important role. toes must be covered and you must be ready to get dirty - cause you never know when you might unexpectedly have to scramble for a pig...

so, with field days on my to do list this weekend, this tuesday shoesday is all about boots. more specifically, it's about the tough, rugged, upforanything, yet still alittlebitstylish frye boots. and the best thing about these boots is that you can get them at the shoe shop in burlington AND the more worn in they get, the better. and what's not to love about a shoe that gets more fabulous with age?

{via, via, via}


button bay.

happy monday! i hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend...and managed to stay cool on these dog days of summer. i didn't do a whole lot (or drive anywhere!!!) which was a lovely change. however the one thing i did manage to do was fall in love. yes, fall in love...with the most wonderful state park in all of vermont (ok, admittedly i haven't been to that many, but this one was just perfect!)

said love affair is with button bay state park in vergennes. i think the pictures (yes! i took them!) tell the story of it's wonder quite well. it's worth the drive and once you get there worth the walk down the nature me. very well worth it.

what about you all? any one fall in love or make any life changing new discoveries?!!?

(also please note the best street sign sighting ever...slow bad the point, just as they should be.)


holy cow.

holy cow is right. it's cow appreciation day and i just this very second learned of this amazing (and oh so vermont) holiday! it's a day to celebrate all that these great creatures have given us. so, on behalf of the whole state of vermont, i want to thank you, cows, for everything! you are amazing. just look how lovely you look in the sunlight....

and how cute your image can make even the most mondane of household items...


and how very very tasty your products are....

ok, cows - see? we love you and appreciate you more than you know! so, it's your day - enjoy it! and with that, i'm off to get a nice big ice cream cone to celebrate....


wedding {gifts} on the brain

i have weddings on the brain today. could be a result of the five lovely wedding invitations that were waiting for mr. frederickson & me upon arrival back in vermont. could be the fact that i am just dying to see photos from carrie underwood's wedding this past weekend (a diamand tiara & hockey puck place cards - how ever did she pull that combo off so brilliantly?!) or it could be that my stylish and fabulous friend is tying the knot in less than one month and it promises to be one for the ages.

so with all this love, lace and stationery so top of mind, i must work hard to focus my day dreaming on presents for all the future betrothed. one of my favorite gifts for any occasion is something that celebrates the event and the commemorative collection from shackelton thomas does just that. in my humble opiontion, the wedding plate (or bowl) is just the perfect gift for any's classic, simple, useful, commemerative & made in vermont! doesn't get any better than that!

even if it's not a wedding plate you are looking for, shackelton thomas is worth scoping out! the husband and wife team - he does furniture, she does pottery - makes the most beautiful pieces, perfect for any occasion...even if the occasion is just a lazy thursday in need of some internet shopping!


picnic in a box.

in my morning commute around blog land, i stopped by happiness is and came across these super cute and fully biodegradable picnic boxes by three blind ants.

you know i love a good picnic, and these goodie boxes just makes it all that much easier and all that much more fun! just whip open that cardboard briefcase and you have a complete set up for a picnic for two. it include all the tools and accesories needed - all you need to do is pack it with your favorite treats and find your favorite someone to share the evening with. done and done. picnic perfection in a box, what is not to love about that?

{images via the boxsal blog}


VTuesday Shoesday

kate spade knew we needed a little sparkle in our lives today. so, bless her perfectly stylish little heart, for presenting us with these little gems. perfectly swoon worthy in every possible way. well done, as always, ms. spade.


home is wherever i'm with you.

saying that i am on the slow boat when it comes to music would be an understatement. for someone who spends so much of life in the car with the radio on, i always seem to be the last to know about a new band or a fabulous new song. (please don't ask me to tell you the lady gaga story - it's embarassing)

luckily, i have some fabulous friends who are much more in the know when it comes to this type of thing. and one of these lovely ladies introduced me to the most wonderful song a few weeks ago and since then, i have been hearing it everywhere (sometimes being on the slow boat has its perks! cause it surprises and delights me every single time i hear it!)

so, ladies and gentlement, i present you with home, by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. and why am i just telling you about this now? well, because they just so happen to be coming to higher ground in burlington, vermont on july 26th. um, yes, please!


let your light shine in

i clearly have lighting on the mind this week (see lampshade lady post below), so while i apologize for the random theme, we need to talk for just a minute about how fabulous these light fixtures are. the crew at burlington's conant metal & light creates one of a kind beauties out of "everything from insulators, antique flashlights, paint cans, fire engine lights, drink shakers, and soda and wine bottles" and while they are all fabulous, you know i have a soft spot in my heart for the one made of a mason jar. and i am not alone in my love for this particularly iconic creation - soon after the doors of farmhouse tap & grill opened, where 10 of these lights hang, demand went through the roof!
so now, to keep up with demand, they need our help because they are running out of jars. so, here's the deal: for every jar people bring into the store before the end of the month, the shop will give one dollar to the vermont foodbank and enter the donors into a raffle for store discounts. “we’re hoping for 1000 canning jars and $1000 to the foodbank by July 31,” conant says. “if there’s a take-home message in this,” he notes, “it’s that the national farm-to-table movement has residual effects: local manufacturers benefit, too, not just farmers.”
so, ladies and gents, get your old canning jars out and head on down to pine street! it's all about keeping your mason jars, lighting fixtures and food local.


simon pearce + harpoon = love

i love the idea of a wine pairing dinner. food and wine prepared by those who know and paired together in expert fashion, all designed to enhance the taste and experience of it all. what could be better? plus, it's like a little mini culinary lesson where you just have to learn and enjoy and not do all the work! and while i would love a wine pairing dinner, i know so very little about wine, the sheer magnitude of the evening coupled with the fear of embarassment would be too much for me. so when i got this email from my friends (yes, friends) at simon pearce, i just got giddy thinking about this beer pairing dinner - it seems right up my alley, as it is so very vermont, so very local and so very mr. frederickson. bless his heart, as he tries to be a wine guy, but his true love is a nice cold ipa. and after reading the menu they have prepared, i really can't say i blame him. and, to top it all off, you know the beer is going to be served in these beauties

here's what the menu looks like:
  • sparkling cider taste
  • yellowfin tuna ceviche, oranges, spicy chiles, toasted coriander popcorn & ufo hefeweizen and ufo white
  • grilled venison "sliders" stone ground wheat pretzel roll, local honey grain mustard dip, sea salt and vinegar chips & ipa
  • sweet and sour roasted pork shoulder, toasted coconut, pineapple, sweet potato fries & 100 barrel series "pott's landbier"
  • braised bison short ribaged cheddar potato gratin, broccoli, malt jus & leviathan series "big bohemian pilsner"
  • marinated raspberry foolpink peppercorns, mascarpone, toasted almond crisp & ufo raspberry hefeweizen

and here are the rest of the details: join us in our private dining room for a four-course tasting dinner and educational event featuring selections from harpoon brewery. tuesday, july 20, beginning at 7pm $55 per person for more info, click here. so c'mon, who's in?


the lampshade lady

the most recent issue of yankee magazine featured an article about judy lake, aka lampshade lady. and, yes, she is just as wonderful as her alterego would lead you to believe. in her pawlet, vermont studio, lampshade lady creates one of a kind creations out of vintage postcards, photos, fabric, and, yup, you guessed it, lamps.

what a great project it would be have one created with memories from all my summer travels. or what about a lamp as a wedding gift - one that chronicles places important to the happy couple or photos from their past? oh, there are just so many fun ideas! and if you are feeling brave and crafty, it can be a great DIY project (she teaches a workshop too!) and doesn't her studio just loook like the most welcoming place on earth!? i can't wait to visit!

{images via here & here}


VTuesday Shoesday

to make up for the fact that i was a terrible blogger last week (and seeing as 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays) i am going to keep the patriotic theme alive for the next few days and try to celebrate all the things i love about this hot, steamy, all american season...

on my travels last week i snuck in a trip (or 2...) to my favorite store in the world and snagged this pair of breezy summer espadrilles. wearing them with a red sundress might be overkill now that the holiday is behind us...but we'll see where the day takes us and just how festive i can make things!

{via target}


happy canada day!

in an ode to my very close northern neighbors, i want to wish you all a very happy canada day. and to all my officially canadian friends (you know who you are) tell me more! i need to be more prepared next year....what is your favorite canada day tradition? what else do i need to know?



july is...

july can melt like lemon drops.
she can see both sides.
july is an extrovert.
she believes in growth.
july goes barefoot most of the time.
her arms stretch to the sky.
july is the life of the party.
she is the woman on the moon.
july has a big crush on louis armstrong.
she writes her own songs. and sings them.
july is most graceful in hot weather.
she is an invincible summer.
she knows the secret of being happy.
july has one of everything in red.
july believes in long days and blue skies.
she dances barefoot.
july makes its own popsicles.
she wonders why.

{calendar via etsy & who is june courtesy of a 2006 KOCO NY calendar}

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