spilled milk.

today is national don't cry over spilled milk day

best national holiday ever* because today, the holiday czar** is reminding us to "stop worrying about the little things, the everyday things out of our control. things happen, don't worry, or fret or cry, just get over it..."

the holiday czar is quite smart.

although, if i could make one complaint, it is that no one seems to have any idea where the spilled milk phrase came from. although, if i had to guess, it would be from one of the fantastic dairy farms in vermont. which is precisely what i will spend the rest of the day researching...stay tuned.

*that is an unfairly dramatic and untrue statement. there are better holidays. thanksgiving, please accept my apologies.

**in my next life, i want to be the crazy lady that sits on a porch swing somewhere and helps the holiday czar think up national holidays - like national spilled milk day, national waffle day and national dance like a chicken day....

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