two b's.

my love affair with vermont officially began on a blustery november night at two brother's tavern. we fell in love over chilled pints of wolaver's ipa, heaping plates of sweet potato fries and pulled pork sandwiches. magic was in the air that night - something about the smells, the sounds, the people, the bartender - and years later, the magic returns every time i walk through the steamed glass doors.
from that point on, the bar was set. and every pub, tavern, and bar in the world will be held to the same irrationally high standards. and these standards can be blamed on two men in particular, the one in the sweatshirt on the bar stool next to me and the one in the suspenders behind the bar.

so, next time you find yourself in middlebury, vt - go in and pay a visit. and if you get a chance, tell beal that i said hi. he won't say much, but his smile will tell you that there just might be some love waiting there for you too.

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