scarf heaven.

my heart stopped this morning when i stumbled across this website. all it is is scarves. scarves in a zillion colors and in a million sizes (all delightfully enormous) i have died and gone to scarf heaven....
thanks for this discovery, unruly things! you have made my thursday.


feel like getting lost?

new goal for october: find my way thought one of vermont's corn mazes. yes, you heard right - mazes - there are several. you just gotta love vermont for that!

so, fellow fall/vermont lovers, what do you think? any favorites?

{image via FFFound}


VTuesday Shoesday

like rose, last week's talented guest blogger, my love for shoes began when i was just a little girl. although i have to admit, that i was certainly not as pragmatic as she, as my love for frilly inappropriate shoes began in my dress up box, not on the playground or at the state fair. i would spend hours and hours in a little fantasy world pretending i was a princess or a super hero, or a famous chef or just someone fabulous. however, the one constant of these personalities was that they always donned one magnificent pair of shoes - gifted to me by rose's great aunt barb. and they looked a little something like these (although, kick me if they were $700 valentinos!)

and if it were totally up to me, i would have stayed home today on this tuesday shoesday and played dress up. because, to be honest, this chilly, gloomy tuesday needs a little something to spice things up....


love vermont loves: klm design

the super fantastic, and super talented kayla mellen (designer of the super fabulous invitations for the superburbs bachelorette weekend) has done it again - although this time, she is taking her talents live.

check out her recently launched website. it's super fabulous and pretty darn inspirational as well. whether you are looking for an invitation to your next autumnal dinner party, or a way to brand your new business - you have just got to check it out!

there is so much talent here in our little state of vermont, i can't stand it!


fall gatherings & happy weekend!

i am a believer in dinner parties. there is something so magical about the conversations that happen around a table filled with tasty food, great friends and good wine. it may be more work than going out, but i have to say it never fails to be well worth the effort.

i also believe there is something even more sensational about a dinner party this time of year. the air gets cool at night and things move inside (or better yet, you bring blankets and candles outside) the conversations get more intimate, the ambience a bit warmer and the food a bit tastier and bottom line, they are just more fun to plan.

further more, i believe that a dinner party with a good tablescape is the best dinner party of all. so, to start off your weekend, check out these inspiring photos and get your imaginations going.

long story, longer - i believe in the magic of fall.

figs + beet colored flowers + bread + a burlap table runner = a perfect new twist on fall decor

ok, this may be a brunch table scape, but it still works in my book! just substitute wine for mimosas (or don't...) i am also in LOVE with the milk bottles.

emerson made can do no wrong, especially when it comes to her dinner parties and table linens.

simon pearce can do no wrong either. and what's not to love about jack-be-littles?

and if you feel like going really about this dreamy barn setting? shut the front door. amazing.

{inspiration via snippet & ink, the sweetest occasion, emerson made, simon pearce, riverside farm }

so, on that dreamy note...i am off! happy weekend to you all! XOXO


bottle accessories

i am on the slow boat this week and as a result was all set to skip over wine wednesday and jump right into thursday's post. that is, until i came across this adorable wine accessory. what a great gift idea for the wine lover in your family (and c'mon, you know we all have one!)

i think i will be ordering one that says pinot grigio and perhaps one that says malbec...although they could be cute on 40 oz bottles of microbrew too, don't you think?

ok, enough of yesterdays business. now, let's get back to our regularly scheduled postings!


VTuesday Shoesday - Guest Blogger

We are shaking things up here on this Tuesday Shoesday. Ladies & Gents - meet, my cousin Rose, LoveVermont's youngest reader and a budding fashionista! Thanks to Rose and her lovely mom for sharing their insight on footwear...

* * * * * *

My name is Rose, but most people call me Rosie. I’m just about 17 months. My mom’s been tracking LoveVermont and its VTuesday Shoesday feature regularly– and, because I’m pretty much at her side 24/7, I, too, have become obsessed. I wonder if I’m LoveVermont’s youngest fan?

I’m pretty obsessed with shoes. It’s hard to say whether I was born this way or if it is the influence of VTuesday Shoesday. But, regardless, I spend a lot of my day moving shoes around, trying them on – and, taking them off. And, just to prove how obsessed I am, you should know that while I’m super prolific with my sign language (oh, and apparently, my typing), I am a girl of very few words--but, “shoes” is one of them.

Anyhow, while you are all busy thinking about what clogs, boots and super cute flats to don this season, I’m here to tell you that I’ve got it figured it out. Yup, pink Converse high tops (I’ve heard some big people call them Chucks.). They are incredibly versatile. As you’ll see from the photos (My mom is obsessed with taking photos of me – but who can blame her?), they look fantastic with both blue jeans and dresses with snazzy tights. I’m guessing that many of you are thinking that you can’t pull it off as well as I can – but, give it a try.


thank goodness...'s friday. i for one could not be happier! mr. frederickson and i are headed to yet another wedding, but this one is in our home state of vermont, so you just know it will be a good one! other than, we are just going to take in the crisp fall air and the welcomed change of season.
but to take you all through the last few hours of the week, check out some of these inspirations from cyber land. the internet never fails to amaze me.
  • cozy fall fashion(aka giant sweaters) can be found here, here and here.
  • diy fire pits - the newest fall necessity
  • rue magazine is here! and it's sensational.
  • how lucky am i to have this little lady as my cousin? think she is cute? just wait till you hear what she has to say next tuesday.
  • what better way to round out eatlocal week than by prepping one of these localvore recipes? major bonus points if the recipe calls for squash.
  • ...or if cooking isn't your cup of tea this weekend, just head down to the chubby muffin - burlington's newest bakery (i can't get enough of that name!!!)

{image via}


sweater season.

i've been known - like many of you i'm sure - to get lost in the magical cyber shopping world known as etsy. and today, thanks to the many lovely crafters out there, my virtual closet has been filled with warm, cozy, handknit masterpieces.

some of my favorites...

how yummy is this raspberry color?!

and i just love these major cables.

see? contrary to popular belief, a giant aztec wool sweater CAN be sexy. thank you, marilyn.

um, so this is heaven, in knit form. i mean, a giant cream colored hood - what could be better?

so, now that i have lured you into this cable knit heaven, i think now is the time that i should also let you all in on my little here it you know, i have many loves in life (mr. frederickson, butternut squash, the cold side of the pillow, pinics, anything by kate spade) but my love for the giant sweater surpasses them all.

you know the sweater i mean - the giant almost cocoon like creation that engulfs your whole being and makes you feel tiny and warm all at once, even on the chilliest of vermont days. although, i must admit, at times this obsession has caused tension and lead to slight depression (i.e. the shapeless gray turtleneck circa winter 2005 - 2008) however, thanks to the beauties above, i have good faith that this winter i will master the art of being slightly stylish without giving up an ounce of warmth.

so, happy sweater season to you all! make it a great one, i know i will.

{all sweaters via etsy...
1, 2, 3, 4}


eat local, drink local...all week long.

first of all, i must begin this post with a huge apology. i have to apologize for the fact that it's already tuesday night and i am only just now telling you about vermont's very own eat local week. oh the shame i feel, i can't even tell you.

but, luckily, there are tons of great events all week and most of the good stuff is still ahead of us! i hope you can all find it in your hearts (and stomachs!) to forgive me.
wednesday, september 15
  • local beer loves local cheese: beer and cheese tasting the farmhouse tap & grill - 160 bank street, burlington: 5:00 p.m. - midnight. explore the marriage between fine local beer and exquisite local cheeses.

thursday, september 16

  • vermont’s finest made from the finest of vermont: ben & jerry’s - 36 church street, burlington: 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. come meet two ice cream gurus who will incorporate some rather creative local products that might someday find their way into a pint.
  • cooking with local grains and beans: city market class at the chubby muffin - 88 oak street, burlington: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. make a delicious meal using all-local dried beans and grains. participants will make wheat berry-apple salad, black bean & winter squash stew, whole wheat flour tortillas, and cornmeal biscotti.
friday, september 17
  • making mozzarella, camembert, and farmers’ cheese: rural vermont class at east village cohousing: 180 east ave, burlington: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. classes use milk from burlington's newest dairy - tamarack hollow farm.
  • vermont uncorked dedalus wine shop - 209 battery street: 5:00 - 8:00 pm.
    if you’re eating local, why not drink local too? Stop by for a taste of 5 award-winning wines from the lincoln peak winers.
saturday, september 18
sunday, september 19
  • baking with local wheat: city market class at intervale community farm: 180 intervale road, burlington: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
all week long...
  • local breakfast all day: magnolia bistro - 1 lawson lane, burlington: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. $10 prix fixe breakfast.
  • local lunch box: new moon cafĂ© - 150 cherry st, burlington: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • try the "champ" pazza: three brothers pizza - 973 roosevelt highway, colchester. the "champ"is a 16 inch pie topped with vermont smoke and cure maple bacon, vermont country farm sweet italian sausage, vermont smoke and cure pepperoni, vermont maple smoked ham, vermont maple caramelized red onions, maplebrook fresh mozzarella, and cabot cheddar. (yummm...)
so much to do, so few days left. again, i am sorry!
{image via}


happy birthday, mr frederickson!

today is a big day here in vermont.

today is the day that mr. frederickson turns the big 3-0!

and while i, with the help of his fantastic friends and fabulous family, have spent the last month torturing him, i still think we have a little bit of celebrating left in us today!

so with that, i am to dote on the golf shirt wearing, patriots football loving, showtunes singing, beer drinking, hockey coaching, birthday party loving, snooze button hitting, kitchen dancing, make me laugh until my sides hurt love of my life.

happy birthday, mr. frederickson. i hope it's a great one!



i say apples...

"even if i knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, i would still plant my apple tree." - martin luther

i am dreaming in apples today. all kinds of apples. i am sitting at my desk fantasizing about dinner parties that look like this....

and cozy fall picnics with spiced cider and apple snacks...

and of spending sunday afternoon at the small farm food fest at shelburne orchards looking just as stylish as she does...

so, i feel i have no choice other than to embrace this new obsession and therefore pass it along to you all. so, i apologize in advance, but the next few weeks are going to be all about apples here at lovevermont. it is a fleeting, but important season and one that i want to celebrate while we can....after all, it will be pumpkin season before we know it. (although to be fair, pumpkin season just might trump apples, but only time will tell!)

p.s. did you know the average person eats 65 apples per year? seriously, they do. start counting!


how 'bout them apples?*

on the to do list this weekend is a trip to one of the many pick your own orchards in this lovely state. 'tis the season! although, if i can be honest with you for a few minutes, i have to admit that i tend to get really overwhelmed when picking apples...which kind are good for eating on the spot? which ones are going to make my apple pie taste like the one my grandmother used to make? and what should i pick with the intention of making vats and vats of applesauce this fall? so many choices...

so when i was stalking emerson made's blog today and stumbled across this photo, i was suddenly at peace knowing that i am not the only new england lady who doesn't have her apple types memorized. phew. and it made me feel even better knowing that i am in pretty stylish company - check out her apple picking outfit! that is pure orchard elegance if you ask me.
*this line is from one of the best new england movies of all time - good will hunting. and while i thought the prhase was perfect for this blog post, to be honest, i still don't really understand what that phrase means. any insight would be much appreciated.

**also, if any know how mutsu and red delicious apples are for eating, please let me know! that guy's dome is really crimping my apple picking style and skill set.


a puzzling wine wednesday...

you know that moment at a party when you in the midst of a sparkling conversation and casually sipping on a glass of wine when all of a sudden a lovely server walks over with the most to die for appetizer and then, all of a sudden you will you ever be able to do it all - sip the wine, nibble on the snack, hold the cocktail napkin, and carry on the sparkling conversation all while holding on to just a shred of your manners?

well, friends, good news. i think this problem has just been solved. and really, isn't this puzzle boards just the most cutest and most helpful thing to be made out of wood, since, well, since the puzzle? ummm, yes.

oh the fabulous vermont cocktail parties we will have....

{via cup of jo}


VTuesday Shoesday

i nearly ran over mr. frederickson last night as i rushed towards the window at monelle to catch a glimpse of these candy apple red beauties. and when i got there, they were every bit as perfect as i had imagined them to be (from all the way across the street) i practically kissed the glass. i mean can you even imagine a happier pair of shoes? these would certainly get my academic year off to a stylish start and carry me all the way though the holidays and maybe even into the long dark days of march...i'm just saying, they might be a good investment


september is....

september lives in reality.
september never forgets to renew a library card.
she is part of the world. she is the world.
september's appointment book is always full.
september gets back to basics.
she believes that life has purpose.
september has her feet on the ground.
she reads between the lines.
she takes herself very seriously.
september has 236 recipes for apples.
she is a woman in literature.
september has high expectations.
she understands space and time.
september loves #2 pencils.

{calendar via
etsy and who is september courtesy of a 2006 KOCO NY calendar}


DIY Marshmallows? Absolutely.

i love s'mores which means i have a special spot in my heart for marshmallows and therefore i just about died (and laughed outloud) when i saw these hysterical little diy numbers. how fun would these make your labor day bbq? who needs real watermelon when you can paint it on a little white puff of sugar?!

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