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We are shaking things up here on this Tuesday Shoesday. Ladies & Gents - meet, my cousin Rose, LoveVermont's youngest reader and a budding fashionista! Thanks to Rose and her lovely mom for sharing their insight on footwear...

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My name is Rose, but most people call me Rosie. I’m just about 17 months. My mom’s been tracking LoveVermont and its VTuesday Shoesday feature regularly– and, because I’m pretty much at her side 24/7, I, too, have become obsessed. I wonder if I’m LoveVermont’s youngest fan?

I’m pretty obsessed with shoes. It’s hard to say whether I was born this way or if it is the influence of VTuesday Shoesday. But, regardless, I spend a lot of my day moving shoes around, trying them on – and, taking them off. And, just to prove how obsessed I am, you should know that while I’m super prolific with my sign language (oh, and apparently, my typing), I am a girl of very few words--but, “shoes” is one of them.

Anyhow, while you are all busy thinking about what clogs, boots and super cute flats to don this season, I’m here to tell you that I’ve got it figured it out. Yup, pink Converse high tops (I’ve heard some big people call them Chucks.). They are incredibly versatile. As you’ll see from the photos (My mom is obsessed with taking photos of me – but who can blame her?), they look fantastic with both blue jeans and dresses with snazzy tights. I’m guessing that many of you are thinking that you can’t pull it off as well as I can – but, give it a try.

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