how 'bout them apples?*

on the to do list this weekend is a trip to one of the many pick your own orchards in this lovely state. 'tis the season! although, if i can be honest with you for a few minutes, i have to admit that i tend to get really overwhelmed when picking apples...which kind are good for eating on the spot? which ones are going to make my apple pie taste like the one my grandmother used to make? and what should i pick with the intention of making vats and vats of applesauce this fall? so many choices...

so when i was stalking emerson made's blog today and stumbled across this photo, i was suddenly at peace knowing that i am not the only new england lady who doesn't have her apple types memorized. phew. and it made me feel even better knowing that i am in pretty stylish company - check out her apple picking outfit! that is pure orchard elegance if you ask me.
*this line is from one of the best new england movies of all time - good will hunting. and while i thought the prhase was perfect for this blog post, to be honest, i still don't really understand what that phrase means. any insight would be much appreciated.

**also, if any know how mutsu and red delicious apples are for eating, please let me know! that guy's dome is really crimping my apple picking style and skill set.

michelle  – (September 8, 2010 at 5:23 PM)  

So funny, I had no idea that quote was from Good Will Hunting. JimmyK must have insight on this, I imagine. As for apple anxiety, I have it too.

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