the gypsy travel log.

i love maps. i love bulletin boards. i love travel and i love DIY projects. so, when i stumbled across this map on designsponge, it just made my little gypsy heart oh so happy. perhaps now i will start keeping track of my summer travels and when i return to vermont in september, a little art project will be happily waiting for me! and then, when i am through documenting that, mr. frederickson i can start our own list of all the places we wish to go...and that list is one worth saving.


VTuesday Shoesday

as you all know, i have been a bit of a gypsy as of late, so i apologize now and in advance for any sporadic blog posting that may occur over the next few weeks. i will make up for it in content, and, once september is upon us, we will return to regularly our scheduled postings - i promise! however in the meantime (and on a wednesday - whoops) i hope you enjoy these little wedges of patriotic heaven...they are simply perfect for this holiday weekend, which in my opinion is the best holiday around - wherever you spend it!

i stole them from my friend superburbs, but i don't think she'll mind, as she understands better than anyone my gypsy ways. plus, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?!

happy 4th to you all! xoxo


one hot gypsy summer.

i am a gypsy. between work and all sorts of fun personal commitments (showers, weddings, parties, oh my!) i am on the road for much of the summer. which on one hand makes me really sad, as summer in vermont is the greatest, but on the other hand, the silver lining is that i get travel to all sorts of other fabulous places throughout new england. so, if it is ok with you all, i am going to take you along for the ride - hope you don't mind! and please, if you have any must see sights or must visit locations, or must eat meals, let me know. i need some help as i wander. and, while i do love vermont, i also love the vermont state of mind - and that, my friends, you can take anywhere!

so in the spirit of list making, here is some of what i am looking forward to this summer:

  • spending many a beach day on nantucket, followed by sunburned trips to bartlett farm (rivaling those in vermont for the best farmstand of all time)
  • getting my twirl on at one fabulous wedding here
  • sporting this tote bag all summer as the official gypsy carryall
  • getting my fill of microbrews at the vermont brewers festival
  • stalking my girl crush, emerson made, at her portsmouth, nh hideaway - hopefully just in time for the august launch of her clothing line (eek!)
  • discovering the best local ice cream every place i go. an excellent summer goal, if i may say so myself
  • making these summery cocktails. new motto: have mason jars, will travel
  • trying to get to maine for this, which just might be the tastiest festival of all time
  • convincing mr. frederickson to hike mt washington with me and our fun and fabulous friends (i need a little help on this one)
  • enjoy every second of this fleeting season here in new will be september before we know it. although, i think fall is pretty fabulous too...

so, what about you? what are you looking forward to this summer?!


benjy & the skinny

if your inbox looks anything like mine, it is filled (and i mean filled) with enewsletters and email blasts about upcoming sales, events and happenings. while a very small percentage of information is pertinent to my every day life (ie. subject lines like - 10% off lanterns at pottery barn, 20% off target - in store only, travel to bermuda NOW with, free golf clubs from golf get the drift) even with this lack of pertinence, i have somehow convinced myself that at some point, this info will be incredibly important and that clicking "unsubscribe" link is some sort of sin.

but of all these daily and weekly notices, the one i truly look forward to (as it has some delightful relevence to my actual life) is the one from benjy pancake - the cyber personality behind the burlington and montpelier creperie - the skinny pancake. he is smart and witty and says things like "we refer to the period between the summer solstice and the 4th of july as the heart of the artichoke. indeed, it is a sweet period of time." i mean, what is not to love about that sentence?

plus, he fills me in on all the local events in burlington and beyond, while also highlighting new menu offerings and upcoming musical happenings. just to get your mouth watering and your feet tapping. check out whats on tap at the 'cake this week:
menu items:
  • ragout muffin*** (montpelier): winding brook farm lamb stewed with vermont tomatoes, garlic scapes, with pickled ramps, small step farm spinach and maplebrook farm mozzarella. ***there is no muffin contained in this special.
  • calzone crepe*** (burlington): house made ricotta, maplebrook farm mozzarella, arethusa farm baby spinach wrapped in a crepe-calzone shell, topped with roasted garlic & our house-made marinara sauce.


  • friday, 06.25.10 - johnson's crossroads (acoustic/Americana) "a bearded and burly four-man-band with a whiskey-drenched grasp on old american folk and grass."
  • saturday, 06.26.10 - scott mangan & nicole erin carey, "the grass is greener is a musical collective led by singer/songwriter Scott Mangan. with musical stylings that touch upon various genres from groove rock to folk music with hip hop beats, the burlington band brings a creative and dynamic energy to every live performance."

check out the website for the full menu (including their sweet selections) and musical calendar and most importantly - to sign up for benjy's skinny newsletter! happy reading - and benjy and i hope to see you at the 'cake soon!


wine wednesdays - sofia

i have a very soft spot in my heart for sofia champagne.
just about a year ago, mr. frederickson and i celebrated the end of a really great day by sitting on our favorite front porch and sipping this summer bubbly out of plastic cups. it had been a long day, but really one of the best ever and we celebrated our efforts and the beginning of something that we thought was going to be a really fun adventure (and trust me, it has been!)

so, i think, tonight in celebration of what has been the best year ever, i will pour myself a glass (or a plastic cup) and toast to us. we've done good. really good.

and perhaps a vermont picnic with the portable version (turquoise straws included, obviously) will be somewhere in our future as well. a girl can dream....

{images via here, here & here}


summer in vermont means...

...that it's officially creemee season. yup, you heard right, creemee season.

so what is a creemee, (or kreemee or creamie or creame) you ask? well simply put it's just the most wonderful summer treat in the world. some may think it is just soft serve ice cream (silly flatlanders) but here in vermont, a creemee is so much more than that - it's an institution. a frozen ice cream treat of an institution. a tradition unlike any other. and one of the few things we know for certain is that when the creemee stands open their doors in june - you know, without a doubt that summer is officially here.

click here for a list of creemee stands, and to read about the creemee back story (yes there is a backstory) click here. oh it is going to be a long, but oh so educational, summer! and i can't wait!

{image via


happy father's day!

i happen to have the best father on the planet - which works out quite nicely since i also have the best mother on the planet!

but trust me, i didn't just come to this realization overnight. it has taken years to truly understand and appreciate the amazing man, father and husband he is. (and dad, know that i mean that as a compliment. you taught me nothing worth anything comes easy and without effort and thought, right!? right!?)

and in honor of the fantastic mr. k on this fathers day(and to let you in on some of his awesomeness) please see the list below of the top ten reasons why he is the best dad ever.
  • he is the best car packer ever. he could fit the contents of an 18 wheeler into my camry, and still make sure i could see out the back for safety's sake.
  • he loves my mother to pieces. and tells her, and us, every day how lucky he is...
  • ...while at the same time he can say things like "there is no such thing as luck" and really truly thinks he means it.
  • growing up, he spoke to us in "different languages" which meant picking an accent (italian was his favorite) and sticking to it until my brother and i would cry with laughter begging him to stop. to which he would say - "me? i'm a no speak italian." still to this day, it makes me smile.
  • he gets teary eyed, or as he claims, allergies, every time i leave the house, and i only live an hour away!
  • his greatest moments in life are when the family is all together. well, that and when he was featured in our local banks most recent ad campaign. my town, my mutual. check out the video here.
  • he gives the best hugs, whether you want one or not :-)
  • he taught my brother and i the true meaning and value of hard work, whether that meant pumping gas, carving pumpkins, cleaning windows or writing. and nothing, i mean nothing, is more valuable than that.
  • i personally think he coined the phrase "it doesn't get any better than this" although, i am certain a few others have uttered these words, i very much doubt that anyone has ever meant it the way he does.
  • he loves being out on the water, a good cold beer, an afternoon on the golf course, and an evening bike ride, but he loves nothing more than he loves his family.
and trust me, that is just the beginning of the awesome dad list. i'm a very lucky girl.

happy father's day.
XOXO, fabio


happy weekend!

i am just loving this photo by stephen mease on this busy friday. and i am hoping for a weekend filled with lots more clouds that look just like these! check out more of his great vermont work here.

enjoy the sunshine/clouds/rain or whatever the sky brings you this weekend!



it's daysie season

{image via weheartit}

that's right folks. it's time for the annual seven days best of vermont awards - aka the daysies. (get it, days - daysies?! it took me awhile..) anyway, you know i love a good list, so i can not wait for this to be published in the august 4th issue. plus this year, i am not so secretly hoping to be voted the best vermont blog (yes, that's a real category!) and i would love your support and help in making that happen!

voting is simple - simply click here or pick up a current issue of seven days and fill out a handwritten ballot. just two things to remember: you have to vote in atleast 50 categories and you have to do it by this friday, june 25th.

so, get out there, tell us what you think! and spread the word...every vote counts (-:


balloon festival.

i am spending this dreary thursday morning dreaming about balloons and lots of them. normally this would be a bit weird, but since tomorrow is opening night at the 31st annual quechee balloon festival, it's just a little less awkward (or atleast i hope it is)

so i hope the skies are clear this weekend - because spending an evening watching hundreds of balloons ascend from the sky sounds pretty spectacular to me. whether or not we are brave enough to go for a ride, that's another story...but even with two feet on the ground, this festival has plenty to offer. i promise, it will not disappoint. hope to see you there!

{images via vt dark star}


wine wednesdays & wedding season.

today is wine wednesday, but it is also the unofficial beginning of wedding season**

mr frederickson and i have quite a few celebrations to attend this summer and with that honor comes the task of buying wedding gifts, which i, like many, find to be a bit daunting. however, i think i discovered a loopole in the whole "you must buy things off the registry" concept. are you ready...? drum roll new rule of gift giving is to buy things from the state in which you live. now, admittedly, this may be easier for me since i am lucky enough to live in the fantastically well branded and creative state of vermont, but i think it can work for you too - wherever you are from.

think about it - it supports local businesses, tells a story, and you may never have to visit the pottery barn registry site again...a win win in my opinion. so, c'mon - visit a local art gallery, or craft fair, or swing on by etsy to see what you can find. let's get creative!

so, the next few weeks will be filled with creative "made in vermont" gift ideas, but to start it off, and to honor wine wednesday check out these beauties from the brilliant and talented folks at simon pearce. pair two of these lovely stems with a bottle of local wine and i'd call that gift giving perfection.

{top row: hampton & hartland collection, bottom row: wellesley, barre & stratton collections}

** i say this for no real reason other than the fact that i spent last night making a 2010 wedding spreadsheet. more on that later. in the meantime, please don't judge me.


VTuesday Shoesday

the one thing that i hate (yes, i said it - hate!) about vermont is that we are the only state in the entire country without a target. (yes, i said it - only!) and there is not a day that goes by that i don't wish that weren't the case and dream that one day in the not so distant future, i will open up the newspaper to see the giant bullseye with a "coming soon" tagline. it would be just heavenly (and also very dangerous...)

so, in an attempt to find a silver lining in this desperate situation (yes, i said it - desperate) this tuesday shoesday is all about these finds from you guessed it, target. all under $40 and all fabulous. happy (online) shopping to all!


magnolia love.

we had another vermont weekend for the books. it included farmer's markets, barbeques, jazz, sunshine, soccer and a lazy afternoon nap in the grass...perfection all around.

but the highlight of the weekend may have been our discovery of burlington's magnolia bistro. a fabulous hidden gem of a breakfast and lunch cafe just the perfect distance off the beaten path (aka church street)

i would go into much more detail about our tasty meal, but i am already hungry for lunch, so it would be too painful to give you too much info about the fresh baked banana bread (with cranberry cream cheese) or the pulled pork and cheddar omelet that mr. frederickson enjoyed, or the ripeness of the avocados in my california omelet, or the fact that i would die for a curried tuna sandwich with a side of german potato salad right about now.....

...ok. that's it. i'll stop. but if you are hungry for more (and my guess is you are) just click here for the full menu and be prepared for some majorly awkward mouth watering. don't say i didn't warn you.


crossing my crossables...

{leap of faith via weheartit}

the sun is just beginning to shine up here in vermont and i am crossing all my crossables that it stays out all weekend! so, i am taking a leap of faith that the weather might cooperate and that i will be able to cross a few (just a few) things off my summer to do list, including the following:
  • take advantage of vermont days and enjoy a free visit to one of the 52 of state parks
  • make these yummy treats for saturday's barbeque, or if time gets away from me, i might just bring ice cream sandwiches from this magical little spot.
  • pick some strawberries. 'tis the season (-:
  • pretend i am a music buff and listen to some jazz at the closing night of the discover burlington jazz festival.
  • drive around looking for some curbside treasures like the vintage ladder this lucky lady found.
  • drag mr. frederickson to the waitsfield farmer's market. my pitch will go a little something like this: c'mon, honey, it will be fun. i even promise to buy something and not just waste time looking at all the tasty treats and perfectly ripe vegetables. and then i will take you to an even tastier brunch at red hen bakery before we head home to for beers and world cup soccer watching...ppllleeeaasssee! what do you think? will it work?

so here's to making the best of what we get this weekend! i hope yours is all you wish it to be.



curbside shopping.

one of the things i love most about vermont is the way people have impromptu yard sales. aka - they leave things they no longer have a use for in their driveway or just on their front porch, often with a handwritten cardboard sign, and welcome folks to just take what they please and leave a few dollars if they can. it's genius, really. and if you are up for a nice little saturday drive along some back roads, you are certain to find some little treasures along the way.

we also have some fabulous markets and stores all across the state - including anjou & the little pear, antiques at camelot village the flynn avenue sunday markets, architectural salvage warehouse, and so many more! and, thanks to the lovely kate over at the goodie life, i just came across this amazing home decorated in all things from garage sales, craigslist, curbs and flea markets (with a little ikea thrown in) and it has made me want to get after it this weekend and go on a hunt for some hidden surprises. see for yourself...

{headboard made from old moldings and leftover wallpaper...genius}

{teak chairs from craigslist $50 each plus reupholstering; sofa $25 and lamp $3, both from a garage sale.}

{wooden table top $10; industrial base $150; ikea parsons chair $50 - from 'as is' section}

can you say wow!? are you as inspired as i am? care to go curb shopping with me this weekend? or if you are already onto this trend - want to share your brilliance with us - any curbsides or flea markets or antique stores you frequent that we should no about!? c''s not fair to keep all the good stuff a secret.


weekend conundrum.

{image via love trains}

there are no words to describe how excited i am for this weekend. the reason being that it is one of the very few this summer where we have absolutely nothing on the books (ok, that's a lie - we do have an afternoon bbq on saturday - a celebration with some of my favorite fellow runners of this year's vcm about which i am very excited!)

there is just so much i want to do and i feel like i need to cram my entire summer to do list (yes, i have one) into two short days. aka - i am finding the lack of plans and abundance of free time a bit overwhelming. so, i think i need your help! what are you doing this weekend? if you had 48 hours of free time, how would you spend it? for you fellow vermonters - is there an event this weekend that we simply should not miss or a restaurant we must try?

help me. i'm a desperate woman and mr. frederickson thinks i am nuts. (can you blame him?!)


wine wednesdays - summer chill.

being that it is picnic season and all, i just fell in love with this mini version of vermont ice - a locally made (obviously) dessert wine. the pocket sized bottle comes in a cute and protective carrying case, so you can be sure it makes it to the picnic destination in one piece.

vermont ice is the signature varietal from boyden valley winery. it is crafted from the le crescent grape and "maintains a liveliness that is unsurpassed. the unique mountain climate - early november freezes and loamy glacial soil - give vermont ice a higher sugar and alcohol content than most ice wines, as it delivers concentrated flavors of apricot, green apple, and pears." can you say yum!?

i think i just might have to scoot out of work just a few minutes early today, pick up a few mini bottles and head on home to trick someone into a surprise picnic dinner (shh! i don't want mr. frederickson or my boss to know my little plan!)

happy summer! XOXO


VTuesday Shoesday

over the past few weeks i have been searching for the perfect pair of cute summer sneakers. because, as much as it pains me to say this, there are some days that flip flops just don't cut it. whether it be a weather related (a summer cold front or rain storm), an activity (strawberry picking or frisbee throwing) or pure vanity (dirty, achy feet or unpainted toes) sometimes you just need a little more substance below your ankles.

so, needless to say, i was thrilled to discover the current giveaway of these beauties (frye does sneakers too?! who knew) over at unruly things. just leave a comment and tell them which color you would choose and why. frye is also hosting a giveaway on their facebook page to win 6 pairs of shoes for summer! check out the details here.

if you aren't lucky enough to win these precious little sneaks (or just can't wait till another minute!) swing by the shoe shop on church street to purchase a pair.
{image via frye}


weekend learnings.

{image via her paper dreams}

i'm on the road today, making my way back to vermont after a perfectly sinful and wonderful few days away. during this time, i did manage to learn a few things (and probably forgot a few too - but that's neither here nor there...) i learned that the ingredients for an epic party are as follows:
  • one perfect sin master and a half dozen growlers
  • two magical hosts/party fairies
  • seven girls in white parties dresses
  • the best closer ever who is on the mark every time
  • mariah carey and kei$ha (did i get that right!?)
  • an abundance of love
  • mardi gras beads
  • the best friends a girl could ask for



have a sinful weekend!

i am off to nantucket this weekend (a very close 2nd place to my favorite place on earth) and am bringing along some of the best girls around - affectionately called the a-team. we are having a bachelorette extravaganza to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of the most fabulous members. the weekend promises to be full of girls in white dresses, cheap champagne, yummy snacks, and some sinful pleasures...

but since i have been a slight scatter brain this week (see marathon coma) i thought i would share with you some of my favorites from around the web...
  • the invites that simple design created for this fabulous event.
  • i want to go on this picnic.
  • these are ballet flat perfection.
  • so mad that i missed this holiday, but will make up for it by drinking these!
  • seb's summer to do list is right up my alley!
  • loving this color combination.
  • wishing i was in vt this weekend and could go see the cows on main street!

hope you all have a simply sinful weekend! XOXO


june is...

june is a bride's best friend.
she is exuberant. and alive.
june throws the perfect graduation party.
she thinks emotionally. and rationally.
she knows how to wrap things up.
june believes that life is beautiful.
june's energy level can touch the sky.
june is very fond of dads.
she dances to celebrate life.
june holds exclusive rights to the summer solstice.
she is social. and at ease alone.
june sets a trend with white shoes.
her diary is always full of plans.
june loves recitals, receptions, and the pomp and circumstance of things.
she has a smile for everyone.
june is always ready for summer.
{calendar via etsy & who is june courtesy of a 2006 KOCO NY calendar}


wine wednesdays - simply sinful.

i am soo excited! this weekend i get to host a little get together for my favorite girls, all in celebration of the most angelic bride to be. the theme this weekend is all about the seven deadly sins (see the invitation here)

obviously wine is an important part of this occassion, so one of the weekend's featured wines will be the 7 deadly zins. get it? sins/zins? zinfandel. (again, i'm easily amused) and i may or may not have my bags packed with several bottles of this varietal. also, i am not so secretly hoping that our residence mix master - of b.o.p. fame -will be able to use it to concoct some sinful sangria....
eeek! is it friday yet?!?


VTuesday Shoesday

i am hereby declaring today the anti-shoesday tuesday. why? well, because, thanks to the brilliant mind at mainely home, i learned that today is national go barefoot day. seriously, it is! and it's not just a day that celebrates summer and the season of taking your shoes of (although that would be fabulous) its also the kick off of the souls4soles national barefoot week - a weeklong series of events aimed at growing awareness for the 1.5 billion people around the world who don't get to experience the simple luxury of putting on a pair of shoes. now, the important questions - how can we help?
  • go barefoot - spend a few hours each day with no shoes on. enjoy the freedom, but notice the challenges. think about it.
  • go barefoot online - change your twitter, facebook profile, etc. to a picture of your bare feet. be sure to post a caption about why your picture is of bare feet! learn more on Send a screen capture of your barefoot profile to and you will be entered to win one of ten celebrity autographed pairs of shoes.
  • barefoot status - post a status message, such as: shocking soles4souls barefoot week fact: almost 1.5 billion people in the world don't have shoes! every photo and every message will help soles4souls continue to help people around the world!
  • clean out your closets and look for events advertised in your area with retailers, religious organizations and civic groups where you can donate your shoes. visit the locator to find a location near you. (c'mon...i know you have a closet full of wornout old soles...)
  • start your own shoe drive. check out this site for more information and easy instructions for conducting your own shoe drive.
  • donate - just $1 will put a pair of shoes on a child in need. you can't argue with that., next tuesday shoesday, i hope we all appreciate this everyday luxury just a little bit more...

{image via fakeperfection}


marathon coma.

there is just so much to share with you all today. and i promise there will be many posts over the the next few days highlighting what was an absolutely wonderful birthday/marathon weekend! i am still in a bit of a haze and it's taking me longer than usual to process bear with me. i'll be back soon, and promise it will be worth waiting for. afterall, it's june! and what's better than that?
i just have to share this photo of mr frederickson and i running up church street (somehow we always seem to get caught by the sneaky newspaper photographers) at mile 3 of the 2010 vermont city marathon. not only is he a fantastic running partner, he is also the best birthday celebrator/event co-host ever. i am a very lucky girl.

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