stop and smell the lilacs...

in the midst of what has been just a crazy few weeks, i was reminded this weekend of how important it is to stop and notice all the little things in life. and that yes, even in the midst of all this rain and dreariness, that there is a bit of beauty to be found. and for me, that beauty is found in the lilacs i plan to stop and smell on my way home today.

this new mantra also includes includes getting back to blogging. and blogging in a big way. stay tuned!

{image via pinterest - my newest obsession}


tuesday shoesday: sparkle.

i am having an internal debate about wedding shoes. frivolous and silly, i know...but some times the bride in my just takes over (this often happens when mr. f is sports center or reading the NE patriots blog)

but the debate is over weather i should go plain and simple and classic or fun and colorful and sparkly. so i have to say, i love the way this little guy from anthropologie captures both elements. it's like the mullet of dancing shoes: business on the toes, party on the ankle.

what do you guys think? do they get the job done?


fill it with family and friends

i'm back! what a few weeks it has been - the royal wedding has come and gone, spring has finally sprung her in vermont, and i made a few new vermont discoveries that i will be sharing with you all over the coming days as i jump back into blogging in a big way. so, to kick things off, i bring you: vermont farm table.

long story short, if i had a beautiful old home and all the money in the world, i would spend my money and fill it with piece after piece of beautiful furniture and i now know that this furniture would all be from vermont farm table - my newest and most favorite made in vermont discovery.

i mean, how can you not love everything created by a company whose mission statement goes a little something like this: make it yours. love it. beat it up. fill it with family and friends, and then plan on passing it down.

trust me: it's worth a trip to burlington to see their beautiful brand new show room (it smells good too) at 197 college street.

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