mr. frederickson

the man in my life has many wonderful qualities, the best of which may be his unbelievable nicknaming ability. he has single handedly renamed every family member, dog, friend and coworker that he has encountered. some stick and some evolve and multiply. for example - i have about 20 nicknames that seem to rotate based on moods, seasons, time of day and other random variables. (admittedly i prefer some names much more than others!)

so, when i decided to start this blog and knew that he would undoubtedly be mentioned a few times, the pressure was on to come up with a cyber alter ego that suited him and that kept him ever so slightly anonymous and intriguing. i was paralyzed by the pressure, but knew that one day it would just come to me...

and then it did. so, world - meet my mr. frederickson. mr. carl frederickson.

let me explain - if i had to pick a movie - a love story - that captured what i hope life to be like, it would be that of ellie and carl in
UP. their shared sense of excitement and adventure, their enjoyment of the little things and the routines, their ability to tackle lifes curve balls and make the best of them, the way they feel about certain pieces of furniture, and the way their whole story can be told just through pictures and charming melody.

so - take a minute and watch this and i hope this explains the name. make sure you have tissues handy.

amyredpath –   – (April 7, 2010 at 5:15 PM)  


Lindsey  – (April 9, 2010 at 9:41 AM)  

That movie was amazing. I watched it with my boyfriend (who already came paired with a nick name: Birdy)and I wasn't expecting to get soggy with tears but I would say it happened three times? maybe more? What a great movie! (And great idea for a nick name! Birdy...) ;)

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