the mason jar attitude.

i think mason jars are pretty fabulous.
i have no idea when and where this obsession began, but i can't get enough of them.
and as my brother so eloquently put it "the mason jar is all about attitude." and he's right.
mason jars and outdoor gatherings are a match made in heaven.

they are as celebratory as a champagne flute, but as relaxed as a beer mug.

they can be the vessel for your morning orange juice just as easily as they can hold your vermont microbrew.

casual but utilitarian. simple yet versatile. rustic and elegant.

the mason jar is welcoming, friendly and a darn good multitasker. from pasta sauce to peonies, from candles to cookies, from whole grains to whole wheat, from milk to mint juleps - everything and everyone feels right at home when they are around.

and there is nothing better than feeling right at home.

susan's buzz  – (April 13, 2010 at 4:34 PM)  

My best friend from college grew up on a farm, they used Mason jars as drinking glasses everyday. Love it!

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