picnic inspiration.

today was a happy day in blog land for lots of reasons - it's friday, the sun is shining (seemingly everywhere!) and warm may days are just around the corner. and with all these happy circumstances, came lots of happy blog posting, including quite a few about a fantastic summer tradition - the picnic.

so, needless to say, i had to hop on board the picnic trend. with april showers on the outs, and nothing but may flowers ahead, i totally see where my blog friends are coming from and i for one am totally on board.

one of said friends (ok, i think we are friends, she might not know that yet) at cup of jo came up with the idea of a summer picnic club and i really think she is on to something. her concept:
inviting friends to meet at different locations every other weekend, bringing their own blankets, some snacks to share and some games to play. sounds pretty doable, don't you think?
and luckily for us here in vermont, there are dozens of great picnic spots all across the state. so if this idea alone doesn't make you think happy summer thoughts, see below for a little more inspiration...oh the fun we could have...

happy weekend!

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