hello, weekend!

it's the perfect friday afternoon....the sun is shining, the grass is (finally) green and the tables are out on chuch street! which means it's officially spring here in vermont and as my dad would say, "it doesn't get any better than this!"
and on my to do list this weekend, is, well, nothing! except for a pesty 18 mile run and a party in a barn, i have 2 whole days to soak life up and celebrate this very welcomed change of season.
the collage above is just a little taste of what i am hoping the weekend will look like - complete with homemade pizza, flip flops, sunsets, mr. frederickson, quiet dirt roads, patio drinking and maybe a little day trip to lake dunmore - one of my favorite secret vermont destinations.
*i couldnt resist including the photo of my lovely mother and kevin, the best waiter in all of jamaica, as i will certainly be giggling about that moment all weekend and wishing (just a litle bit) that there was still an umbrella in my drink...

happy weekend and happy spring!
make it a great one. xoxo

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