the awesomest thing.

the awesomest thing ever is the book and blog combo of 1000 awesome things. it is a blog chronicling - yup, you guessed it - awesome things. and to top of the awesomeness of this concept, it was just released in book form as well! what better book to have on your bedside table?

for example, yesterday's awesomest thing was dancing when you are home alone. they are correct. that is pretty awesome.

"yes, we’ve all been home alone and sometimes it’s fun to lose yourself in the moment.
after all, maybe you’re hanging with a heavy heart, burning with a hot temper, or just snowed in after a bad day. if there’s a black cloud hanging ugly over your head there’s no cheaper cure than having a solo dance party in the comfort of your place. so come on and turn it on, crank it up, and just shake it baby, shake it baby, shake it like that. AWESOME!"

some of my other recent favorites include - mastering the art of the all you can eat buffet, grass stains, when someone holds your keys and wallet in your purse, the night before a really big day, sleeping with one leg under the covers and one leg out, bed head all day long, and getting out of the car at home after a really long trip....
so please, sign up immediately to get an awesome thing sent to your inbox every morning. a pretty good way to start your day if you ask me (along with the ubiquotous messages from jcrew and the nytimes)

ps - ok, i lied, the awesomest thing ever is collin, the best boyfriend ever (besides mr. frederickson, of course) who was so inspired by this concept that he wrote his lady, abigail a song about the awesomest things about her. how awesome is that!?

if you have trouble viewing this link - click here

ps - clearly it's time to bring back to vermont the word awesome.

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