after i do...

i can't wait for the day when i become the mrs. to my mr. but i have to admit that the best part of the whole wedding thing is how excited i am for life after i do. and this inspiration board (spotted on sparkle & hay) pretty much summed up all those reasons. and trust me, it has nothing to do with the eiffel tower.


wedding wednesday: a woodpile engagement

i love woodpiles. you all know this. so when i came across this rainy day woodpile engagement session, my little woodpile-loving, wedding-planning, engagement session-idea hunting heart just melted.
mr. frederickson and i are dreading our engagement session - even though we have the most wonderful photographer. but what can i say? we're nervous and awkward. what about you guys? any great ideas or ways to make it easier? i think a great woodpile might help.

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tuesday shoesday: absurdly fantastic.

check out these stunners! sparkles, flowers, absurdly high heels and a price tag to match. let's just say that there could not be a less vermont-y pair of shoes, but i just couldn't resist. sometimes a girl has to dream....


here comes the sun.

days like today are precisely the reason that we live in vermont. it makes it all worth it. and here's the thing: warm and sunny days like today mean more to us up here in northern new england than they do to those a bit further south. why? cause we worked a little harder to get here.

these first warm muddy days of spring make the long winter seem like it was ages ago and the first glimpse of green sprouting out between the snow banks makes us forget the months of snow and ice and all that it entails. days like this remind us that it's time to get out and enjoy every second of these well deserved days.

so, wherever you are, i hope you enjoying the sunshine and spending it with the someone - or the someones - that you love. and i promise (yes, i can do that) that the feeling of today will carry you all the way through the next mudseason.



tuesday shoesday: belles & whistles

confession: i get more junk email than any one i know. i sign up for every possible mailing list out there. every company on the planet has my contact info. mr. frederickson thinks it's dispicable, i however, can't get enough. i love being in the know - even if it's just about the goings on at pottery barn and city market.

but, every once in a while the value in these emails becomes overwhelmingly apparent. saturday was one of these instances. kate spade sent me an email and she told me about her fabulous new wedding line: belles & whistles. {i mean seriously, kate, how cute and fabulous are you?} so since kate took the time to tell me of this launch, i felt the need to spend several hours perusing not only the website, but also the style me pretty archives to try and decide how kate would influence me and what kind of bride i am going to be: the classic kind? the sparkly kind? the colorful kind? or the kind that hides cute little slippers under layers and layers of tulle? decisions decisions.
so, while i might not know what shoes to wear for the big day (details, details) i know that i love my gmail account and all the stylish folks that email me.



it's been a long time coming, but today was the big day. save the dates are in the mail.

after months of designing (thank you, shanna!) and weeks at the printer (thank you mom!) and hours or sticking and stuffing (thank you, mr. frederickson!) they are on there way! and i could not be more excited.

and as a wise man recently taught me - things are only official when the paper has been received.

so kids, the decision has been made: it's official.


signs of spring.

just when you think you can't take it anymore and that spring will never ever ever make it all the way up to vermont....the smallest little burst of green appears and changes your whole outlook on life. (well, mine anyway...) happy april!

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