here comes the sun.

days like today are precisely the reason that we live in vermont. it makes it all worth it. and here's the thing: warm and sunny days like today mean more to us up here in northern new england than they do to those a bit further south. why? cause we worked a little harder to get here.

these first warm muddy days of spring make the long winter seem like it was ages ago and the first glimpse of green sprouting out between the snow banks makes us forget the months of snow and ice and all that it entails. days like this remind us that it's time to get out and enjoy every second of these well deserved days.

so, wherever you are, i hope you enjoying the sunshine and spending it with the someone - or the someones - that you love. and i promise (yes, i can do that) that the feeling of today will carry you all the way through the next mudseason.


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