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...the sooner the better, in my opinion...
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comfort food thursday: the carbonara

mr. frederickson has some pretty fantastic friends. legendarily fantastic in fact. however, i have to say the best thing about said friends is the women they have all chosen to share their lives with. it is such a treat when you get to meet such fabulous folks through the wise and romantic choices of yourself and others, don't you think?

anyway, i digress. as the real purpose of this post is to share with you one of vermont's culinary masterpieces introduced to me just last weekend by one of these friends. so here is how it all unfolded...
the backstory: our friends have a terrific tradition of coming to the woods for a few days in february. this year, the group was better than ever and we wined (and LITed) and dined until the cows came home. but the final meal of the weekend was at storm cafe - an adorable little bistro on the bank of otter creek that, to the astonishment of our out of town friends, neither mr. frederickson or i had been there for dinner. they were appauled. so from that moment they learned of this, the lofty expectations were set and the anticipation began for what was apparently the world's best penne carbonara. (a sub par recipe can be found here)

the meal: they did not lie. it was life changing. and i too will be dreaming about this cheesy goodness until next year...cause even though it is in our backyard, i am certain it tastes better with friends. fantastic friends help too.


wedding wednesday: the bags.

first of all, i have to apologize for disappearing the last few days. life, once again, got in the way of blogging. the good news is that i have been stockpiling some fun little blog ideas, so hopefully i will be back at it with avengence this week.

(just wait until my comfort food post tomorrow! i think a few lovely ladies out there are already salivating over this heavenly concoction - and they probably have been since sunday night...!)

but since it is already wedding wednesday, i must share with you this adorable made in vermont treasure that was featured just the other day on the vtvows blog. i mean, c'mon, how perfect is this for wedding welcome bags? or just a trip to the grocery store?

seriously. it's green, it's local, it's reusable and just too darn cute to pass up. love love love. i think i just might be making some phone calls today.


wedding wednesday: the words.

i had a wedding epiphany last night. in one brief and brilliant lightbulb moment i realized why i am having trouble focusing on any sort of a theme for the wedding. the problem isn't that i don't have a dress. or the ability to picture what a space looks like when it is not covered in snow. or the skills to create the perfect inspirtaion board. the problem is words, or lack thereof.
the thing is, i love quotes. they are part of who i am. and currently, i am in desperate need of some wedding inspiration...a few brilliantly chosen words to carry us from now until the big day. (which is 7 months from today!!!!!) so below are just a few cute and clever quotes i stumbled on this morning as a begin my tireless search.

{the EeeBee}

{the love shop}

so, any thoughts? any favorite quotes about life, love, trucks, woodpiles, vermont, seasons, or marriage?


tuesday shoesday: mardi gras

i am back from a whirlwind trip to the big easy. all work, little play, but an amazing time nonetheless. {bonus, i got to see one of my faves cross the finish line at the rock and roll marathon! and she rocked it!}

it will take me a few days to catch up on all the brilliant blogging that has come and gone over the last week, but as a quick nod to the colors of mardi gras, i must share with you this festive footwear. these beauties, from bhldn, anthropologie's new and oh so fabulous bridal line, have me reminiscing about bourbon street, craving spring and rethinking my wedding colors all at the same time....that's a multitasking shoe, if you ask me!


life is weird: one year later

wow. i realized yesterday that my blog-iversary came and went without much notice (exactly how it should have been) but, to honor the occassion, i spent a little time wandering through the archives and came across my first ever blog post. and i have to say, it was by far the best discovery of the day. and it reminded me that sometimes it's important to look back, as it often surprising how the more things change, the more they stay the same, and that alone can be a very good thing.
* * * * *

life is weird. i've been saying that a lot lately. perhaps TOO much. so much so that my friend finally asked me recently, "kate, what the heck do you mean by that? what is so weird about your life?"so i got to thinking, and thinking and thinking......and then it came to me.
halleluah! i figured it out!!

i was in love. i moved to vermont and fell in love. (and yes, in that order) i'll say it again. i love vermont. and it's not like a "kindasortamaybe, it'll do for now till something better comes along" kind of love, but real, deep, meaningful love. the kind of love that makes everything more beautiful and exciting - the snow sparkles, the farmers market vegetables taste better, the moon is bigger and more brilliant than ever before and the air is the coldest i have ever felt (wait...where am i??)so, that's it. i have fallen in love with the state of vermont and all that it has to offer and all that it has taught me.
* * * * *
bottom line: i am still in love, just finding it all a little less weird (-:


wedding wednesday: snow day

it is the snowiest of snow days here in vermont (and from what i hear, just about everywhere else in the country!) and really what better way to spend a snowy day then curled up in my giant new sweater, drooling over these wintry and romantic winter weddings...? exactly.


there really is something romantic and unexpected about the winter, don't you think?


february is...

february wears its heart on its sleeve.
she has many things she loves.
february never skates on surfaces.
she is lyrical.
february always gets to the heart of things.
she loves to slow dance.
february can surprise you.
she writes love sonnets in cafes.
february loves paris.
she is a friend forever.
february believes that the heart can do anything.
she has the ability to touch. and dream.
february is a good thing in a small package.
she sees life as poetry.
february loves chocolate.
she believes in love for love's sake.
february will never break your heart.
she is a song.

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