wedding wednesday: the words.

i had a wedding epiphany last night. in one brief and brilliant lightbulb moment i realized why i am having trouble focusing on any sort of a theme for the wedding. the problem isn't that i don't have a dress. or the ability to picture what a space looks like when it is not covered in snow. or the skills to create the perfect inspirtaion board. the problem is words, or lack thereof.
the thing is, i love quotes. they are part of who i am. and currently, i am in desperate need of some wedding inspiration...a few brilliantly chosen words to carry us from now until the big day. (which is 7 months from today!!!!!) so below are just a few cute and clever quotes i stumbled on this morning as a begin my tireless search.

{the EeeBee}

{the love shop}

so, any thoughts? any favorite quotes about life, love, trucks, woodpiles, vermont, seasons, or marriage?

Super Burbs  – (March 3, 2011 at 6:55 PM)  

yes yes - i was hung up for a good two months on quotes. Don't worry - it will come to you :) You are queen of the good quotes :)

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