comfort food thursday: the carbonara

mr. frederickson has some pretty fantastic friends. legendarily fantastic in fact. however, i have to say the best thing about said friends is the women they have all chosen to share their lives with. it is such a treat when you get to meet such fabulous folks through the wise and romantic choices of yourself and others, don't you think?

anyway, i digress. as the real purpose of this post is to share with you one of vermont's culinary masterpieces introduced to me just last weekend by one of these friends. so here is how it all unfolded...
the backstory: our friends have a terrific tradition of coming to the woods for a few days in february. this year, the group was better than ever and we wined (and LITed) and dined until the cows came home. but the final meal of the weekend was at storm cafe - an adorable little bistro on the bank of otter creek that, to the astonishment of our out of town friends, neither mr. frederickson or i had been there for dinner. they were appauled. so from that moment they learned of this, the lofty expectations were set and the anticipation began for what was apparently the world's best penne carbonara. (a sub par recipe can be found here)

the meal: they did not lie. it was life changing. and i too will be dreaming about this cheesy goodness until next year...cause even though it is in our backyard, i am certain it tastes better with friends. fantastic friends help too.

Carolyn  – (February 24, 2011 at 6:05 PM)  

yes! i tasted two life-changing soups at the storm cafe last fall

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