wedding wednesday: the bags.

first of all, i have to apologize for disappearing the last few days. life, once again, got in the way of blogging. the good news is that i have been stockpiling some fun little blog ideas, so hopefully i will be back at it with avengence this week.

(just wait until my comfort food post tomorrow! i think a few lovely ladies out there are already salivating over this heavenly concoction - and they probably have been since sunday night...!)

but since it is already wedding wednesday, i must share with you this adorable made in vermont treasure that was featured just the other day on the vtvows blog. i mean, c'mon, how perfect is this for wedding welcome bags? or just a trip to the grocery store?

seriously. it's green, it's local, it's reusable and just too darn cute to pass up. love love love. i think i just might be making some phone calls today.

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