VTuesday Shoesday

mr. frederickson and i are back in vermont and couldn't be happier. after a summer of gypsydom, it feels so divine to be back in our home state for longer than 48 hours!

and last night, to celebrate our return, we just wandered around our little city, feeling so grateful to be here. we talked and talked and talked and made plans for the fall. he got excited about football season and sunday fundays, and i got excited for foliage drives and apple cider - clearly compromise becomes increasingly important this time of year. but, one thing that we both agreed on is that we need to tackle this whole hiking thing. we talk about it a lot, but have yet to get strap our boots on (and fill our backpacks with the necessary kitchen knives and pepper spray) and travel into the woods that our little state is oh so famous for...

{view from green mountain via hidden vermont}

so, first on the to do list is footwear - aka, the oh so stylish hiking boot. jimmy k didn't mention it in his eloquent man week tuesday shoesday post, but i think if challenged, he would certainly agree that it should be added to the list. some current options:

{shoes by asolo & merrell}

so, you hiking enthusiasts out there...any thoughts or advice for us flatlanders as we venture into the woods? we need help. and lots of it.


woodpile romance.

mr. frederickson and i are heading to what is sure to be a simply perfect wedding this weekend. so with romance top of mind, i simply have to share this little piece of wedding goodness with you all, thanks to the lovely ladies at style me pretty.

also, fyi, vermont barn + mudboots + woodpiles = wedding perfection

to see the wedding in all it's rustic glory, click here.


VTuesday Shoesday

my friend seb hit the nail on the head with her post today. i have to wholehearedly agree with her sentiment that that fall is a really fabulous time of year in vermont. as she so eloquently wrote, there are few things better than those chilly nights at the end of august that remind you that fall is right around the corner.

in my family, we are summer people, so signs of fall used to fill us with disappointment (my mom used to call it the f-word) and wish that you could rewind to the early days of summer that were filled with so much freedom and excitement about what's to come. but recently, i have come to learn that with this change in season come so many good things - cool nights & warm days, sweatshirts & shorts, open windows & blankets, scarves & boots, apples & squash. it's a season in transition, and in my opinion, that is a great place to be.

today, however, thanks to seb, my fall focus is on boots. september is all about getting new back to school shoes, and really there is no better option here in vermont than a new pair of boots. boot season is a long one, so it's important to find the perfect pair...not to high, or low and really they should be the perfect shade of brown...yes, it is a daunting task, but, one that i am ready and willing to tackle.
some current favorites...

{frye & banana republic}


Mr. F's VT Dating Guide

Carl Frederickson here. So…..I am the infamous Mr. Frederickson. Hey, how are ya? Contrary to popular belief, I actually do exist. You loyal readers have heard much about me already. So its really good to finally meet everyone. My wonderful better half (and brilliant author of this forum) has asked me to un-mask myself and participate in Man Week. I am honored to do so, but don’t worry my dear male brethren, it didn’t come without a price. (Never do something for nothing in a relationship. Blog entry for a trip to Nantucket…..game, set, match – MR. F.)

Anyway, here goes. The first step is for all our women readers to click on the “X” on the upper righthand side of the page. Everyone do it? Good. Now we have that elite audience we wanted. What I wanted share with you all is a….let’s call it a Vermont Dating Guide. Not just any guide, but one that caters to the man who wants to impress his prospective while maintaining some dignity. (In a sense, its my personal Pub guide, but lets go with Dating so the “others” won’t know. )

Top Quaint Dating Spots in Vermont:

6. AmericanFlatbread – Burlington, VT - Always hits the spot. You almost don’t need a menu. Original flatbread pizzas, top notch winelist,…..they even brew their own beer. Just feels like Vermont.

5. The Perfect Wife – Manchester, VT - What a spot! On your way out of town in Manchester on Route 30. Uniquely Vermont Pub area.Premier spot for live music. There is a restaurant side as well in case your date gets tired of the pub. I never do.

4. Watershed Tavern – Brandon, VT - Worth the trip every time. Built on top of Neshobe Falls. The water runs underneath you as you sit atthe bar and enjoy the fireplace. One of the coolest places you will ever go for a pint. Your date might like it as well. Its all about ambience for her.

3. Two Brothers’ Tavern- Middlebury, VT - Timeless and true. An absolute must for any couple. An all-time favorite. You’ll both always leave happy. Also a downstairs dance hall with live music. Mosey on down if you’re feeling it. Say hello to Biel and Sarah for me.

2. Peavine Restaurant and Thirsty Bull Pub, Stockbridge, VT - Beautifully located in Stockbridge, VT on a bluff overlooking the White River. Live local entertainmenton Saturdays. Say hello to Coconut their talking Parrot for me. It’s the perfect spot for a first date. Never fails…..but if its does there’s easy access to I-89 in case the date goes poorly and you need a quickgetaway. (Stop in at Jake Coffee Company off exit 19...not in Vermont, but close enough).

1. The Grist Mill, Killington, VT - Always have a backup so if the Peavine is closed or just no one happens to be there, The Grist Mill is your failsafe. Tucked up against Summit Pond in Killington, VT. There is no place like it. Innovativearchitectural design with fabulous sightlines in all directions. Great food, a long front porch, a ski lodge bar area with a stage and dance floor, (a Photo Hunt machine which is always a great ice breaker), and a professional staff helping make that first date go oh so well. Its not meant to be if you and your date don’t hit it off for many years to come.

Well, thanks to all you for listening and for your loyal readership. This Blog rocks and is so cool. Until next year.

Mr. F.


Jimmy K Does WRJ.

For years, a friend of mine’s father has been saying “White River Junction is up and coming.” In full faith, I always believed him. How could I not? After all, it had a lot of the necessities: three pool halls (as in billiards), equating to about one table for every eight residents; a run-down diner that seems to open, at random, a few times per month; and a genuinely interesting and quirky history. Once an industrial center, today, WRJ is an artsy and (on its way to being) revitalized community home to some great Vermont establishments.

Quite literally, White River Junction is a junction’s junction: train tracks meet, rivers converge, and highways overlap. Just over a year ago, my interest in the historic district was renewed as it became the place of my employment. Suddenly, my mid-day hunger turned into an excuse to explore and my searches for parking spots morphed into intentional wanderings. But, like many Vermonters, routines emerged and eventually, I found myself frequenting the same places.

  1. Tuckerbox Café: I’m not a coffee drinker, but my colleagues -- and the experts in charge of applying "free trade" stickers -- give their java high marks. For me, the appeal is the industrial/antique décor, the best BLT-on-Texas-toast in the area, and the jar of hot oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies, which, if you are patient enough after lunch, get re-stocked with a fresh batch at about 2:05pm on most weekdays.
  2. Vermont Salvage: Located downtown in a massive, two-story building, Vermont Salvage collects every faucet, radiator, bathroom mirror, church pew, and urinal in the state that was ever destined for the dump. Every item in the shop has a story, and the ability to be re-used -- a practice near and dear to many Vermonters. The amazing part: you can just as easily go in there with a specific shopping list and find what you need as you can enter with no particular project in mind and become inspired to build an entire new room around a vintage, soapstone sink that you stumbled on in “aisle” 16.
  3. Tip Top Café: It is arguably the best lunch place in eastern Vermont with the hands-down best garlic fries in all of New England (that’s right, I said it). They are advertised as being crispy, garlicky, and yummy. This is a gigantic understatement. Dare I say it is appetizer/side dish…(gasp)…perfection?

To be sure, WRJ might not make the pages of any Vermont travel guides, but it has a certain charm that is uniquely Vermont, and surely worth the stop, even if you are just passing through one of its junctions.


Wednesday Wisdom...

Loving this Wednesday Wisdom from LoveVermont's newest guest blogger - Captain Ben Smith. Long time Mainer whose love affair with Vermont began at the Low Post at St. Mikes but grew stronger upon meeting the lovely Taradise...we are thrilled to have him and hope his love for Vermont continues to grow. Thanks to Ben, former Clydesdale turned Greyhound for inspiring us all with his "Things I have learned while training for my first marathon."

1. Lube: “Bodyglide” is really important and should be taken very seriously… apply where needed and no need to tell everyone you see where you put it and why…. You might be surprised but no one cares.

2. Shoes: When researching the perfect a pair of running shoes DO NOT buy them just because….

  • they have Velcro and will be easy to take off once you can’t bend over to reach the laces.
  • they have a pouch for lunch money that can be used if you want to bag a run halfway through and buy yourself a beer instead.
  • you think that by being .75 ounces lighter than the others they will get you up a hill quicker and be worth it.
  • they have lights that blink on the back of them and you think it might be safer when training at night.
  • you think they make you look like Usain Bolt from the ankle down…

Buy them because they are comfortable, stable, and you can see yourself in them for multiple hours at a time pounding on the pavement.

3. Socks:
This form of hosiery can come in all different ways: thick, thin, ¼, ¾, no show, tube, five finger, black, white, tie-dyed, merino wool, wicking fabric, or just your plain Hanes blue collar classic. The one thing I have learned is that it is really just a personal preference of what you like under your feet. The real question is: What do you want to have on your feet to protect yourself from the running shoes?

Think about it… so many people put a lot of time, attention and research into what shoe they are going to be “most comfortable” in and then go off and wear some ridiculous sock that scrunches up like a covered slinky running down Church Street! Bad socks will diminish any comfortable feature that the shoe has to offer when you are out on your run….. the only thing you think about is why one sock is down around the ball of your foot and the other is giving your big toe a wedgie like the big kid O’Doyle on Billy Madison!

Bottom line: Consider the undergarments for those flippers before you take them on a 2.5 hour tour around the hills of VT.

4. Apparel: Now when I first started running for this event I thought I was fine with just a regular old pair of hoop shorts and some comfortable spandex to carry me through town. This is still true for the casual 3-4 mile jaunt around campus (and if I don’t need to be comfortable for an extended period of time). I am NOT saying go out and buy the 5 inch inseam speed shorts at your local sporting goods shop just because you saw someone’s uncle training in them at the gym. Buy a pair of shorts that are light and comfortable and of course have some sort of wicking fabric built in so you aren’t running with a rooster tail of water behind you on mile 15.
As for a shirt the same principles apply… Don’t run in your favorite Hanes Beefy-T if you are going to string out a handful of miles. Go with something that’s light enough to keep you moving and doesn’t weigh you down as you start to sweat.

I am NOT telling you to go out and purchase a full lycra suit and shave your legs… the last thing you want to see is a copy of the Burlington Free Press with a headline reading: Spandex Ninja streaks Church Street – Local Restaurants close outside dining.

5. Energy / Water: This can be a VERY delicate subject for many runners (or so it seems since I have never been one) as to how much and when. You can read the packages of many energy products and they all say something different:

  • “Eat entire bar in one sitting and follow with water.” - What if I am running while I am eating this? Do I need to stop and sit? What if I am not near a water cooler or fountain that’s placed randomly along my route in the middle of Addison County? Do I wait to take it or will I run out of fuel?
  • “Take 1-6 shot blocks (every hour) OR as you see fit.” – What’s the point in telling us how MANY to have (one is very different than 6, by the way) and WHEN to have them if in the end you leave it all up to us to make the decision? You guys are the ones that made the goo, block, or bean--- now tell me when, where, and how!
  • “Always drink water before, during, and after your runs however, be sure not to drink too much during a workout or you will cramp up.” – Ok, so you mean don’t drink as much as I do before and after my run but make sure I am drinking slightly less than that? Thanks for the tip!

The one thing that I have learned about these energy blocks, bits, gummies, and chews is that NONE of them really taste that great. Not to mention that for the most part they just seem to linger in your mouth for a good 20 minutes and do nothing but give you something else to think about other than your knees, back, and feet hurting… I think.

Well put, Ben, well put.

{image via }


VTuesday Shoesday: The Man Edition

Thanks to the one, the only Jimmy K for this absolutely perfect man edition of Tuesday Shoesday. (Please note that I have relinquished my tradition of using only lower case letters to appease the author, as that styled decision really gets his goat.) Also important to note is that Jimmy K is primarily responsible for my love of Mr. Frederickson & Vermont, for which I am forever grateful. Also, just an FYI, he followed the advice of yesterday's post and enjoyed a few IPAs to encourage the creative process.To establish some continuity between business as usual at Love Vermont and man week, I thought I'd continue the tradition of Tuesday Shoesday with a familiar format: a list. Although men find them somewhat intolerable (especially if it's a to-do list), we're generally more comfortable with power rankings…so here goes. You'll have to forgive me for not contributing the most manly of man week posts, there's only so much a boy can do with shoesday.

  1. Bean Boots – Absolute classics. Timeless in every sense. Their full warranty – while questionably sensible from a financial standpoint – represents a commitment to quality that is much appreciated by Vermonters. Like other Bean products, they won’t fall out of style; just consult our parents’ mudroom for evidence. My personal favorite pair: the rubber mocs (see above) which combat mud season with the best of them.
  2. Birkenstocks – The Germans have engineered some pretty impressive things over the years – luxury cars, uniquely shaped beer glasses, counter-attacks and cork-soled sandals that feel like they were built by and for Vermonters. Birks-wearers are likely to either still have a pair from the 1970s, or sport a dancing bears sticker on the back of their Subaru or both. Nevertheless, the iconic shoes earn extra points for their high ranking in the surprisingly competitive sandals-that-can-be-worn-with-wool-socks category.
  3. Merrells – They will serve you equally well on an afternoon hike as at just about any social gathering from September to April, which is just slightly longer than bourbon season. For what it’s worth, Keens might be less versatile, but could earn you more trail-cred.
  4. Dansko clogs – Seem to be quite popular in the Science and English departments of high schools all over the state.
  5. Crocs – A distant relative of Birkenstocks, Crocs are almost as ergonomically appealing and as versatile. The heel strap adds a new dimension and instantly converts these foam creations into the perfect shoe for a lazy float down a river (thanks, helm), or a quick getaway from the fashion police.
  6. Honorable mention: Bike shoes & Tevas/Chacos. Bike shoes – I’ve heard they really do help you generate power more efficiently on a road bike, so their popularity shouldn’t be surprising considering Vermonters emphasis on energy conservation. Even though you may have helped save the planet by biking to work, it won’t be so easy to sneak in a bit late. Tevas/Chacos – Considering the how-to-pronounce-Teva debate has nearly broken up my extended family, I have to give the edge to Chacos, though both are excellent at giving blisters.


happy man week!

hello, friends! happy monday. hope you all had a lovely weekend. i am recovering from the superburbs wedding weekend (which was beyond fabulous) and i am taking a little time away this week - from vermont, blog land etc. but do not fear, i have some talented folks queued up to keep you entertained in my absence. (i know, i know - you were all soooo worried!)

so, on this very special day, i present you with the first ever addition of the lovevermont man week. we're pretty excited about it...and hope you like it too!

first up, is mr. helming. a longtime friend of mr. frederickson, a vermont newcomer, and a loyal lovevermont reader. he is here to share his wisdom and expertise on the top 10 vermont beers and the best places to enjoy them. enjoy!

  1. whistling pig red ale @ the norwich inn pub (norwich, vt) - unreal pot stickers and sweet potato fries
  2. shed mountain ale @ a stowe ski house (stowe, vt) - be sure to take home a growler
  3. long trail double bag @two brothers tavern (middlebury, vt) - say hi to beal and keep your fingers crossed that middlebury won
  4. rock art american red while watching the pats at mr. frederickson’s apt (can’t divulge, vt) - always a fun day, just remember to compliment his beer fridge!
  5. switchback @ american flatbread (waitsfield, vt) - you earned the booze card on the mountain
  6. mcneill’s firehouse amber ale @ mcneill’s pub (brattleboro, vt) - welcome to vermont, it's exit 2 off 89…
  7. magic hat # 9 @ falls of lana (middlebury, vt)…best cliff jumping/swimming hole in vermont
  8. harpoon summer (cans) while tubing the white river, (south royalton, vt) - please keep it green and don’t sink the cans
  9. otter creek spring ale (middlebury, vt) on the footbridge over otter creek - also, fyi, it's great place to get engaged....
  10. one legged duck light, the barn (turnpike road, norwich, vt) - the helming's door is always open.


the greenest spatula around.

it's a crazy day here in vermont, but i just had to take a few minutes and share with you all these fabulous cooking utensils made from recycled water bottles. i mean, really, what's not to love about a green spatula!? thanks green street for this invention and to my friend lady grey for sharing!

(sorry for the awkward post title, i'm a bit brain dead today and it's the best i could do!)


ooey gooey goodness.

while the month of august brings so many tasty foods to the table (tomatoes, corn, peaches) i don't think there is a taste more symbolic of summer in vermont than the unmistakable combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers, otherwise known as the s'more. (seriously, they are so addicting that the name came from the contraction of the phrase "some more") and today, we as a country celebrate the brilliance of this invention by giving this campfire treat its very own national holiday.

and in homage to the gooey deliciousness, i present you with some mouth watering images. (can we talk for a minute about how cute that packaging is!?)

but i have to admit my favorite find in my cyber searching today was this lovely DIY s'mores bar. how much would you love to attend a wedding or party with this as the elegant dessert finale?! who needs cake when you have a little fire and the magical and oh so simple trifecta of ingredients?!

{via here & here}


it's here! it's here!

....the emerson made clothing line is here! and it is just as fabulous as i had expected! it is total perfection.


the secret spot.

i was in the car for a million hours over the weekend. literally. after spending a lovely with weekend with mr. f in the connecticut 'burbs, i hit the road and headed north alllllll the way back to canada. normally, this ride would be excrutiating (crummy cell service and a major lack of good country radio) but luckily, i have a little secret that makes the drive north on I-91 just the most wonderfully exciting and mouth watering ride.
that tasty little secret is...the vermont country deli in brattleboro. and as much it pains me to share this knowledge, it is just too good to keep to myself any longer because it truly is the most wonderful country store in the world. it is a precious little building (conveniently right off exit 2) filled with platters upon platters of pasta salads and grilled vegetables, homemade soups and pulled pork. all made with fresh and local ingredients. plus, hundreds of fresh baked cakes and cookies and lots of yummy vermont made products and an excellent wine selection. dinner for me last night was tortilla crusted tilapia, grilled asparagus and just a bite of the best mac & cheese on the planet. (don't judge, but i ate it in my car in the parking lot, it was that good.)

definitely worth the stop (or make it a destination!) trust me, you will not be disappointed.



yippeee has been the most overused word in my vocabulary this week. so, to those of you who are getting sick of it, too bad! it's a darn good word and i am going to continue to overuse it as long as i darn well please. and guess what? today is no exception. yippeee! i couldn't be more excited for this weekend - and hope to spend it in my cutoff shorts and with as much skip in my step as this lovely lady!

and yippeee! the web has, as usual, been a source of much delight for me as of late...and before i skip off into the steamy sunshine for the next few days, i leave you with a few of my recent faves.
  • yum. i think this will be part of our sunday brunch.
  • this is pure pornography for map lovers.
  • this post was all i needed to inspire me to make a much overdue pilgrimage this island vineyard.
  • i know mainely home is going to die over these crafty de-lights.
  • silver lining of an earlier sunset, is that it's the perfect time of year to head here. any movie suggestions?!
  • my new favorite etsy shop. how cute are would this look filled with your favorite vermont microbrews? he also makes these UP! inspired tags...you know i love those.
  • congrats to all the daysie winners!! check them all out here.
  • who knew christmas in august could be so charming and stylish!?
  • she's getting married next week and i can't wait!!!

c'mon everyone, one more....yippee!! happy weekend!


when life gives you lemons...

yesterday was a tough day. life handed my a pretty big handful of lemons. but, luckily they were, nice bright, ripe, juicy ones...the perfect kind to turn into lemonade...or these precious lemon cookies....or this refreshing lemon sorbet...

{images via taylor takes a taste}

{via she wore lemons}

so, i think i will spend today on a sugar high listening to my new favorite sugarland tune on repeat. seems like a pretty good way to turn the week around...


VTuesday Shoesday

as my mom predicted - clogs are back, as she knew they would be. and they are back in a big way this fall. while the trend is all over the map (tall, short, peeptoe, lace up) i have a soft spot in my heart for the original swedish version by hasbeens. classic, colorful and now, trendy. i think a pair of these just made their way onto my "what i need in order to have a fabulous and stylish fall in vermont" shopping list. if only mom had just held onto hers, it could have been crossed off the list by now!


august is...

august knows the philosophy of beach balls.
she moves with the changing tide.
august loves to take it slow.
august's favorite poet is walt whitman.
she dances with the waves.
august invented the month long vacation.
she believes in the elements.
august understands how water meets the shore.
she sees beyond the horizon.
august sees the world in a grain of sand.
she is carefree.
august is a romantic at heart.
her strength is in her song.
august trademarked "the splash."
she hears history in a seashell.
august never wants to say goodbye.
she is a motion in your mind.
{image via vtpics & who is august courtesy of a 2006 KOCO NY calendar}

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