VTuesday Shoesday

mr. frederickson and i are back in vermont and couldn't be happier. after a summer of gypsydom, it feels so divine to be back in our home state for longer than 48 hours!

and last night, to celebrate our return, we just wandered around our little city, feeling so grateful to be here. we talked and talked and talked and made plans for the fall. he got excited about football season and sunday fundays, and i got excited for foliage drives and apple cider - clearly compromise becomes increasingly important this time of year. but, one thing that we both agreed on is that we need to tackle this whole hiking thing. we talk about it a lot, but have yet to get strap our boots on (and fill our backpacks with the necessary kitchen knives and pepper spray) and travel into the woods that our little state is oh so famous for...

{view from green mountain via hidden vermont}

so, first on the to do list is footwear - aka, the oh so stylish hiking boot. jimmy k didn't mention it in his eloquent man week tuesday shoesday post, but i think if challenged, he would certainly agree that it should be added to the list. some current options:

{shoes by asolo & merrell}

so, you hiking enthusiasts out there...any thoughts or advice for us flatlanders as we venture into the woods? we need help. and lots of it.

Lady Grey  – (August 31, 2010 at 10:53 PM)  

I think my husband has those, or pretty close to those... and he loves them!

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