the secret spot.

i was in the car for a million hours over the weekend. literally. after spending a lovely with weekend with mr. f in the connecticut 'burbs, i hit the road and headed north alllllll the way back to canada. normally, this ride would be excrutiating (crummy cell service and a major lack of good country radio) but luckily, i have a little secret that makes the drive north on I-91 just the most wonderfully exciting and mouth watering ride.
that tasty little secret is...the vermont country deli in brattleboro. and as much it pains me to share this knowledge, it is just too good to keep to myself any longer because it truly is the most wonderful country store in the world. it is a precious little building (conveniently right off exit 2) filled with platters upon platters of pasta salads and grilled vegetables, homemade soups and pulled pork. all made with fresh and local ingredients. plus, hundreds of fresh baked cakes and cookies and lots of yummy vermont made products and an excellent wine selection. dinner for me last night was tortilla crusted tilapia, grilled asparagus and just a bite of the best mac & cheese on the planet. (don't judge, but i ate it in my car in the parking lot, it was that good.)

definitely worth the stop (or make it a destination!) trust me, you will not be disappointed.

a whole lotta love  – (August 9, 2010 at 8:11 PM)  

I literally live just up the road from the deli.. and the owners are my neighbors. It is great, isn't it. I'll have to show them this :)

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