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my friend seb hit the nail on the head with her post today. i have to wholehearedly agree with her sentiment that that fall is a really fabulous time of year in vermont. as she so eloquently wrote, there are few things better than those chilly nights at the end of august that remind you that fall is right around the corner.

in my family, we are summer people, so signs of fall used to fill us with disappointment (my mom used to call it the f-word) and wish that you could rewind to the early days of summer that were filled with so much freedom and excitement about what's to come. but recently, i have come to learn that with this change in season come so many good things - cool nights & warm days, sweatshirts & shorts, open windows & blankets, scarves & boots, apples & squash. it's a season in transition, and in my opinion, that is a great place to be.

today, however, thanks to seb, my fall focus is on boots. september is all about getting new back to school shoes, and really there is no better option here in vermont than a new pair of boots. boot season is a long one, so it's important to find the perfect pair...not to high, or low and really they should be the perfect shade of brown...yes, it is a daunting task, but, one that i am ready and willing to tackle.
some current favorites...

{frye & banana republic}

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