happy weekend, happy summer!

according to margot harrison, associate editor of seven days, "memorial day weekend is a time to honor fallen soldiers, throw burgers on the barbie and vow to run the marathon next year."

so true. so very true. plus, if you live in new england, it is also the official start of summer - and there is nothing more promising and hopeful than that.

so whether you are running, grilling, honoring or all of the above - i wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend! and a great big cheers to all the summery days ahead. enjoy!



party planning perfection.

have i mentioned that i love this time of year? why? well, because there are just so many reasons to celebrate - birthdays, weddings, long weekends, and graduations (just to name a few) and since i am in the party spirit today, i have to share with you this eco-fabulous grad party thrown just down the road in shelburne, vt by the party planning pros at martha stewart living. (oh i wish i had known! i soo would have crashed it!)

the details:
  • the event: a graduation party for a recent university of vermont graduate - whose mom happens to be the editorial food director at martha stewart living. lucky him (and lucky us!)
  • the venue: the coach barn at shelburne farms
  • the theme: "sustaining family through education, connection, community, and, of course, food." oh how i love a good theme!
  • the food: all local - including cheeses from shelburne farms and vermont butter & cheese creamery, meats from vermont smoke and cure, and local pickled vegetables. burgers were made from misty knoll farms turkey and grass-fed shelburne farms beef (served in recyclable paper bags rubber-stamped with various vermont motifs.) and dessert was island homemade ice cream.
  • the drinks: colorful cocktails from vermont spirits maple vodka and boyden valley rhubarb wine. and magic hat beer (obviously)
  • the photo shoot background: a map of vermont, on, what else, but a chalk board.
  • the favors: popcorn. maple spiced kettle corn served in vermont branded paper bags.
  • the result: party planning perfection.
{go here for the whole story - plus more photos, recipes and party planning tips}


wine wednesdays - postponed.

to all my loyal followers,

i regret to inform you that wine wednesday is on hold this week due to the looming vermont city marathon. we will return to our regularly scheduled postings in june, when there will be wine wednesdays aplenty (picnic basket and sunny evenings included)

thank you for your patience.


ps - the above image was found here.


top twenty tuesdays - my little cupcake.

this post needs no introduction, other than to say that i just discovered the yummiest vermont company - my little cupcake. and, holy cow, they are just the most amazing little morsels of sugary perfection. and it seemed like a timely discovery, seeing that someone will be celebrating a birthday at the end of the week...

as seen above, there are a zillion mouth watering flavors, but the following are a sampling of my twenty (yes, twenty) personal favorites.

  1. s'mores: chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting, crushed graham crackers and a piece of hersey chocolate.
  2. chocolate peanut butter: chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache topped with peanut butter frosting and a reese pieces candy.
  3. birthday cake: vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.
  4. cookies and cream: vanilla cupcake with oreo cookie crumbles with vanilla buttercream and a piece of oreo cookie on top.
  5. carrot cake: carrot, walnut and golden raisin cupcake with cream cheese frosting.
  6. sundae: vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream drizzled in chocolate with sprinkles.
  7. fauxstess: a version of a hostess cupcake; chocolate cupcake with a creamy vanilla center, dipped in chocolate ganache with a swirl on top.
  8. snickers: chocolate cupcake with caramel buttercream sprinkled with chopped snicker candy bar and peanuts.
  9. butterfinger: chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache and sprinkled with crushed butterfinger candy bar.
  10. margarita: lime and margarita flavored cupcake with lime buttercream.
  11. pina colada: pineapple, coconut and rum flavored cupcake with vanilla buttercream sprinkled with coconut.
  12. pb & j: peanut butter cupcake with peanut butter frosting, a dollop of strawberry jelly and crushed peanuts.
  13. lemon raspberry: lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream.
  14. mexican hot chocolate: chocolate cinnamon cupcake with cinnamon buttercream.
  15. dreamsicle: orange cupcake with vanilla buttercream.
  16. caramel apple: apple cupcake with caramel buttercream.
  17. peaches and cream: peach cupcake with a vanilla-honey buttercream.
  18. blueberry pancake: vanilla/blueberry cupcake with maple buttercream.
  19. salted caramel: chocolate cupcakes with a caramel swirl buttercream, caramel drizzle and sprinkled with mediterranean sea salt.
  20. chocolate chip cookie: chocolate cupcake stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla buttercream and a homemade chocolate chip cookie on top.


Vtuesday Shoesday.

i grew up teasing my mom for her shoe choices. she wore clogs, giant red rain boots, rubber flip flops, topsiders, and llbean boots. but the most noteworthy of them all were her trusty tretorns. it was a tradition that at the beginning of every summer she would venture out and purchase herself a pair of bright new white ones and each summer was marked by the color of the logo - red, navy, black, even plaid! (that was a big year)

and years later, much to my (and her) surprise, i have slowly, but surely followed her footwear lead - from boots to flip flops and now, even the tretorns. seeing as that jcrew has reinvented the classic sneaker - i think i just might need a pair. afterall, what says summer in the country better than a pair of snazzy new sneakers, ripped old levi shorts and white tshirt?

and mom, don't think i have forgotten about your frye boots. major shoe envy. they will certainly make a Tuesday Shoesday appearance come fall. stay tuned (-:


a new home office?

i love woodpiles. correction. i loove woodpiles. i love them because they are the ultimate symbol of hardwork, organization, and warmth (all things i love and all things you need a lot of in vermont) and it is with those things in mind that i share with you this fabulous little home office. quite possibly the best use of a woodpile i've ever seen. it seems perfect really - an office space all about hardwork, organization, and warmth.


weekend theme song.

thanks to you all for the fantastic musical suggestions. my ipod and i appreciate it very much. and one of my discoveries this morning was the song perfect day by lady a. and i have since pronounced it my weekend theme song. done and done. you've gotta love a good theme song.

it was the perfect day
what i'd give if i could find a way to stay
lost in this moment now
ain't worried about tomorrow when you're busy living,
feels like dreaming, slowy drifting
through this perfect day.

{image via dress design decor}


inspire me, please!

my ipod needs you.
it is feeling lonely and neglected and is really tired of playing the same 4 songs over and over and over again.
i need you.
the vermont city marathon is in 10 days, i am in desperate need of some new tunes for the 26.2 mile journey.
so, please. i beg you. help us! we need musical inspiration. stat.
{image via weheartit}


summer days.

with memorial day just around the corner, i've been thinking a lot about what i want my summer to be like. i am trying to plan ahead a bit, so that my very favorite season doesn't slip away too quickly, without me noticing, although, no matter how hard i try, it ALWAYS seems to.

and in my pondering and cyber searching, i came across these photos, taken from a rehearsal dinner bbq here in vermont, and to me, they are just so quintessential summer...picnic tables, swimming holes, mason jars, mosquitos (i know, you can't see them, but c'mon, you know they are there)

so, these 4 photos are exactly what i want my summer to look like. i think they pretty much sum it up. but, what about you? what will your summer look like?
{party scenes courtesy of cup of jo}


food, inc - next steps.

last night, we finally watched food, inc. and i am exhausted this morning. both from the intensity of the movie, but also from the heated debate it sparked between mr frederickson and i.

but my late night was well worth it, as it was one of the most interesting and upsetting films i have seen in a long time (although admittedly, i don't typically chose documentaries or any movie that might be upsetting in anyway!) and it really does make you think about the way we as a country, and we as individuals behave when it comes to food and lifestyle. take a quick look...

i thought one of the best parts of the film was that it didn't end with you thinking "ok, this is a problem, but what the heck can i do?" but rather gave you a list of easy next steps and ways you can change your behavior and make a difference...

  1. stop drinking sodas and other sweetened beverages. you can lose 25 lbs in a year by replacing one 20 oz soda a day with a no calorie beverage, ideally water. (woo hoo...i just did this!!!)
  2. eat at home instead of eating out. children consume almost twice (1.8 times) as many calories when eating food prepared outside the home.
  3. support the passage of laws requiring chain restaurants to post calorie information on menus and menu boards. half of the leading chain restaurants provide no nutritional information to their customers. (this law just passed in vermont!!!)
  4. tell schools to stop selling sodas, junk food, and sports drinks. over the last two decades, rates of obesity have tripled in children and adolescents aged 6 to 19 years.
  5. meatless mondays - go without meat one day a week. an estimated 70% of all antibiotics used in the u.s.are given to farm animals. (new weekly blog idea!?)
  6. buy organic or sustainable food with little or no pesticides. according to the epa, over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used each year in the u.s.
  7. protect family farms; visit your local farmer's market. farmer's markets allow farmers to keep 80 to 90 cents of each dollar spent by the consumer. (thank goodness, vermont has more farmer's per capita than any other state. for a complete list, click here. and for a national list, here.)
  8. make a point to know where your food comes from—READ LABELS. the average meal travels 1500 miles from the farm to your dinner plate.
  9. tell congress that food safety is important to you. each year, contaminated food causes millions of illnesses and thousands of deaths in the u.s.
  10. demand job protections for farm workers and food processors, ensuring fair wages and other protections.

see? easy, right? we can do it! to prove it, i'm off to the farmer's market this afternoon, am going to sign up for my summer CSA ASAP, and visit this site to see what else i can do to help. i think you should to.

ok, that's all. i'm getting off my soapbox, now. i promise!


wine wednesday - riddling rack storage

two of my favorite things in the whole world - wine and storage - come together so perfectly in this magical piece of multi-tasting furniture. several years ago i fell in love with a wine rack similar to this at simon pearce. i just thought it was the perfect piece of furniture/wine storage/home decor and i wanted it immediately. unfortunately, it wasn't for sale, so i walked away empty handied and have been on a quest ever since.

and in my extensive research i have learned that this wine rack is actually something called a riddling rack and it dates back to the early 1800s and the champagne region of france. riddling is the part of the champagne making process when the the yeast and sediment collects and is concentrated near the mouth of the bottle. after initial fermentation, the bottles are inclined at a 45-degree angle on a riddling rack, which is made up of two simple rectangular boards hinged at the top (see bel0w) the riddler puts the neck of a bottle of champagne in each of the holes and on a daily basis over the next few weeks, the riddler rotates every bottle a few degrees and after a few weeks bottles that started at a 45-degree angle are now slanted to a 60-degree angle.

and while this might have been a long, painstacking and exhausting process, we get to reap the rewards of their efforts by enjoying the wonderful taste of sparkling champagne and using the racks as functional, and decorative wine storage in our homes today! seems a unfair, doesn't it?

now i just need to find someone to recreate a rack for me out of antique vermont barn wood... hmm...wherever will i find such a person?


where you came from.

i simply love this colorful handpainted map courtesy of the royal we by oliver jeffers. it's lovely as is, but the best part is, it comes with 100 orange pushpins to track your travels and one red pin to mark your home base....so you never forget where you came from, or where you've been.

thanks, lake jane for the tip (-:


VTuesday Shoesday

why hello there, you fabulous pair of flowery summer sandals. so nice to stumble into you at stella on my innocent afternoon church street shopping excursion. but why, oh why, must you tempt me so? the air is still chilly here in vermont and my feet are not nearly worthy of such loveliness with the marathon (and my next pedicure) still weeks away. but i must thank you, as you certainly made me smile and dream about summer days to come...

{poetic licence sandals}


calling all men...

so, i have recently learned that there are quite a few men out there who follow this little blog - although surprisingly, none of them are all that proud to admit it....you know who you are!

now, these men are a tough audience - never ones to admit to reading about tuesday shoesday or my ramblings about flowers and photo shoots, never ones to comment or offer advice, and ones whose readership will certainly fade away if i keep yapping about my girlie little life up here in the woods. but, now that i know you are out there, i want you to know i'm paying attention. but, i need your help too! what do you want to hear about? what would keep you coming back? tuesday shoesday isn't going anywhere, but i am open to any and all suggestions about what you want to go away and what you want more of...
so, c'mon, i dare you. post a comment (either anonymously or you brave souls out there can sign your name) or email me. i want to hear from you, all of you. the bravest and best comment will be awarded with six pack of your favorite vermont microbrew. how's that for incentive?

what do you think, ladies? are they up for the challenge?


opening day!

i am coming off one of the best vermont weekends ever. i discovered new dirt roads, reaffirmed my love for bonfires (and s'mores) realized i am becoming a lake person and remembered that there are few things better than people watching on church street.

however, the highlight of the weekend might have been the discovery that the much anticipated farmhouse tap & grill is opening tomorrow! i have been stalking this place for as long as i can remember and couldn't be more excited that the doors are finally opening! admittedly, i have very high expectations for this place, but i have a good feeling that they will not disappoint. local beer, local grub, and an outdoor beer garden - sounds like summertime vermont perfection if you ask me. and nothing beats summertime in vermont.


have a ____ weekend!

yippee! the weekend is almost here and i couldn't be happier because my weekend is jam packed with all of my favorite things - friends and farmers markets, brunches and bonfires, a saturday morning run and a sunday afternoon drive...it's the kind of weekend my dreams are made of.

so, i hope your weekend is all that you dream it to be as well ...whether that means it's adventurous, calm, playful, romantic, lazy, active, gluttonous, relaxing, productive, lively, or just plain indulgent...just enjoy every second of it, wherever you are and however you chose to spend it.

{image via weheartit}


running of the bulls.

hahaha. this made me laugh. just another day in burlington (please notice how no one is even taking a second glance at the folks running down church street with paper bags on their heads!)
oh, vermont...

for the back story on the running of the bulls - click here.


kate's sweet tooth.

we all have kate seaver's sweet tooth to thank for the newest made in vermont confection - natural, artisanal, marshmallows. yup, that's right, marshmallows. and if you think that's good news, just wait to you hear about the flavors in candy kate's collection. rose, lemon meringue, toasted almond, honey & cinnamon - with lots more on the way. can you say, yum?!

oh how these beautiful pillows of (natural) sugar make me long for a campfire. and it just so happens there is one in my near future thanks to the the upcoming birthday celebration for my fabulous friend SEB. i think i know what my contibution to the barn/birthday/bonfire party might be! now i just need to decide where to purchase the graham crackers and chocolate....choices, choices...


the greatest adventure.

you know how i feel about my mr. frederickson, so to see another lovely couple (and brilliant photographer) bring the UP love story to life - complete with grape sodas, bow ties, picnics and balloons - just made my heart happy. it also reminded me why i fell in love with the message from this timeless and whimsical love story in the first place. love is the greatest adventure of all.


wine wednesday - an accessory.

this is by far the most amazing thing i have ever seen.

what is it you ask? well - it's the tasters tote. a brilliant creation from a fellow wine loving vermonter that allows you to wear your wine like a necklace. just imagine being at the first cocktail party of the summer and not having to worry about losing or dropping or spilling your precious wine glass...it's priceless really.

happy wine wednesday!


VTuesday Shoesday

i have a confession to make. i have a major girl crush on emerson made.
i know what you're all thinking. how can this be possible since she is from all the way over the river in new hampshire? well, it's true. even though she lacks a vermont zipcode, she is just the most fabulous designer, blogger, and fashionista north of I-495! (and truth be told, i have a little new hampshire in me as well) plus, emerson rocks red lipstick, plays with mice and ducks, has a farmhouse and a pantry to die for, she uses exclamation marks with abandon, wears her hunter boots with party dresses, and designs the most fabulous flower confections, including these "dahlia trotting blooms" which promise to liven up even the saddest, most boring pair of shoes.
so, this tuesday shoesday is all about taking what you have - ballet flats, pumps, hunter boots, flip flops - and making them a little extra special. plus, these dahlias would make really cute (birthday) party shoes, don't you think...? (hint, hint)


it's chilly.

the forecast is calling for a frost tonight, and all my winter clothes have long been but away. so it looks like it's going to be a chilly one for me and the tulips. wish us luck... (image andie edwards via flickr)


a starry starry night.

mr frederickson and i treated ourselves to dinner on friday night, for no particular reason really. but it was friday, and we were hungry and the starry night cafe had been on our "at some point we really should try this place" list for a long time, so, we just went for it. and it did not disappoint.
we got there early, stayed late and tried a bit of everything - the lightly breaded calamari, mango and field green salad, horseradish encrusted pork loin, scottish salmon, chocolate banana bread pudding, and of course we sipped one of their recommended bottles of wine. and the best part was, as delighted as we were with our choices, every plate that went by caused major food envy which will ensure a return trip to this lovely little spot. perhaps next time the weather will cooperate and we can enjoy our meal on the charming back patio.
so several hours later, we rolled ourselves out of the octagonal dining room (an old cider mill) and headed home. quite full and quite happy. and i was asleep about 4 minutes after arriving back home and slept soundly with dreams of bread pudding dancing in my head....


happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to the best mother on the planet.

there are no words to thank you for everything you have given me. but that shouldn't stop me from trying to...so, here is a small attempt thank you for the decades of car rides and planning and homecooked meals, for your unwavering support and encouragement (i.e. for thinking this little blog is going to change the world) for teaching me early that ankle strap sandals are never flattering, for raising us so well in a place that gave us such an appreciation for the little things, for always always always putting us first, for passing on your sandwich making and bargain finding skills, and most importantly - thank you for teaching me what love is. it's all because of you.

well, dad a little bit too, but don't tell him that.

mom and me, circa 1982.

please note the outfit - clogs, levis, and an llbean sweater. yet again, mom was right, everything old is new again.


self motivation.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” - Calvin Coolidge
(image via all we do is run)
i am headed out for the last long run before the vermont city marathon and i needed a little motivation which for me comes in quote form - so thought i'd share it with you all! posting this also means there is proof that i said i would complete said run. so please hold me to it.
there, now it's official.
off i go....


the 251 club.

  • random fact #1: there are two hundred and fifty one towns in vermont.
  • random fact #2: the town of lewis, in the northeast kingdom, is the hardest town to find as it has no highways, definitive markers, or people. the town is home to moose, bear, fisher cats, and other wildlife.
  • random fact #3: there is a club is dedicated to exploring each and everyone of these communities, aptly named the 251 club. it costs $7 to join and operates on the honor system.
  • random fact #4: i will be joining immediately. this might be the greatest, most aspirational to do list of all time. and you know i love a to do list.

in case you were wonderfing the 251 to do list towns are:

addison, albany, alburgh, andover, arlington, athens, averill, bakersfield, baltimore, barnard, barnet, barre city, barre town, barton, belvidere, bennington, benson, berkshire, berlin, bethel, bloomfield, bolton, bradford, braintree, brandon, brattleboro, bridgewater, bridport, brighton, bristol, brookfield, brookline, brownington, brunswick, burke, burlington, cabot, calais, cambridge, canaan, castleton, cavendish, charleston, charlotte, chelsea, chester, chittenden, clarendon, colchester, concord, corinth, cornwall, coventry, craftsbury, danby, danville, derby, dorset, dover, dummerston, duxbury, east haven, east montpelier, eden, elmore, enosburg, essex, fair haven, fairfax, fairfield, fairlee, fayston, ferdinand, ferrisburg, fletcher, franklin, georgia, glastenbury, glover, goshen, grafton, granby, grand isle, granville, greensboro, groton, guildhall, guilford, halifax, hancock, hardwick, hartford, hartland, highgate, hinesburg, holland, hubbardton, huntington, hyde park, ira, irasburg, isle, la motte, jamaica, jay, jericho, johnson, killington, kirby, landgrove, leicester, lemington, lewis, lincoln, londonderry, lowell, ludlow, lunenburg, lyndon, maidstone, manchester, marlboro, marshfield, mendon, middlebury, middlesex, middletown springs, milton, monkton, montgomery, montpelier, moretown, morgan, morristown, mount holly, mount tabor, new haven, newark, newbury, newfane, newport city, newport town, north hero, northfield, norton, norwich, orange, orwell, panton, pawlet, peacham, peru, pittsfield, pittsford, plainfield, plymouth, pomfret, poultney, pownal, proctor, putney, randolph, reading, readsboro, richford, richmond, ripton, rochester, rockingham, roxbury, royalton, rupert, rutland city, rutland town, ryegate, saint albans, city, saint albans town, saint george, saint johnsbury, salisbury, sandgate, searsburg, shaftsbury, sharon, sheffield, shelburne, sheldon, shoreham, shrewsbury, somerset, south burlington, south hero, springfield, stamford, stannard, starksboro, stockbridge, stowe, strafford, stratton, sudbury, sunderland, sutton, swanton, thetford, tinmouth, topsham, townshend, troy, tunbridge, underhill, vergennes, vernon, vershire, victory, waitsfield, walden wallingford, waltham, wardsboro, warren, washington, waterbury, waterford, waterville, weathersfield, wells, west fairlee, west haven, west rutland, west windsor, westfield, westford, westminster, westmore, weston, weybridge, wheelock, whiting, whitingham, williamstown, williston, wilmington, windham, windsor, winhall, winooski, wolcott, woodbury, woodford, woodstock and worcester.


it's friday i'm in love.

(flyer found on church st, burlington, vt, image via tbplante)


lilac love.

what i know about flowers can be summed up as follows:

  • mums= fall
  • poinsettas = christmas
  • red roses = valentines day
  • daffodils = spring
  • lilacs = birthday

so clearly, i'm pretty simple minded when it comes to flowers and smells, but each one of them conjurs up such wonderful memories of holidays and celebrations gone by that i can't really complain. and this time of year it's all about lilacs...

...for as long as i can remember i have woken up on my birthday to the smell of lilacs - whether it be a bouquet from my mom on my bedside table, or just the fresh air blowing through the open window. so, just a whiff of these lovely spring flowers brings a smile to my face...along with thoughts of breakfast in bed, perfectly wrapped presents, and maybe a cupcake or two!

and luckily this year (even with the april blizzard) the lilacs have come just a bit early. and i think with that, the celebrations should start now as well. do i have any objections?

(all images via we heart it)


wine wednesdays & cinco de mayo!

(emiliano rodruguez via amy atlas)

as my friend in the super burbs said today - "i love may, i love mexican food, i love margaritas, and i love a good flirty dress - cinco de mayo is soooo up my alley" i couldn't have said it better myself. plus, i always appreciate a good excuse to celebrate life...and when you can add guacamole and party hats to the mix, it just makes it that much more fun!

but i was having a bit of a cinco de mayo conundrum - the holiday is all about tequila and coronas, but it's also wine wednesday here in vermont. what was a girl to do?! what is she to post about? but then, my debate was answered thanks to the brilliant folks at cooking light who just today released an article about wine & mexican food. oh, how i love when i'm not alone in my angst!
according to the experts at cooking light "wines that are high in acid stay bright in the mouth. like a sharp knife, the acidity in the wine cuts through even the most extroverted spicy flavors, leaving the diner on that wonderful seesaw where a sip of the wine makes you want a bite of the food and a bite of the food makes you want a sip of the wine."

and what type of wine is that, you ask? well - it can be any of the following varietals...
  • whites - sauvignon blanc, a dry riesling or a spanish albarino
  • reds - spanish riojas, italian chiantis or french pinot noirs.
also recommended wines to pair with your adobo sauces and other hearty flavors are those with a "plush, thick mouth feel...with thick, supersupple, superberried flavors of these wine are like a soft cushion for the robust seasonings to dance upon. " the dancing wines include - an australian shiraz and a north coast zinfandel.

so off i go to the store with my post note of wine suggestions and a shopping list fora adobado pork tenderloin, pineapple-chipotle salsa, and jicama salad. cooking light did me well today. thank you, once again!


top ten tuesdays - waterfront dining

when you hear the words "water front dining" you probably don't think about restaurants in vermont. but alas, you're wrong. i took the lead from the recent issue of yankee magazine with their recommendations on the best spots to enjoy a meal lake (or river, or creek, or brook side) because in my opinion, food tastes better when served with water view...whether or not there is salt in the air.
top ten waterfront restaurants...
  1. simon pearce, quechee - by now you know how i feel about this place. a little piece of riverside heaven.
  2. hen of the wood, waterbury - the menu changes daily to highlight fresh, local ingredients, but the view of thatcher brook remains a constant delight.
  3. lake morey resort, fairlee - a family getaway that comes to life in the summer months. dinner is served nightly at water's edge.
  4. tully and marie's, middlebury - hands down winner for the best pad thai, bloody mary and breakfast burrito. the view of otter creek isn't bad either.
  5. the north end hero house, north hero - you can dine on the patio, the porch, the greenhouse, or the main dinning room...all with water views. perfect for a weekend visit - breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  6. the inn at shelburne farms, shelburne - everyone needs to have brunch here at some point in their lifetime. it's that good.
  7. splash at the boathouse, burlington - drinks served on a floating dock on lake champlain? heaven. the countdown is on for opening day on may 15th.
  8. west river marina, brattleboro - burgers, fries and a famous sunset. plus, they have an event every summer called marinafest. sign me up.
  9. storm cafe, middlebury - the penne carbonara and the view from the patio overlooking otter creek might just change your life.
  10. breakwaters, burlington - it's not summer without a trip to breakwaters. best sunset in town, or the state for that matter. the people watching is pretty darn good too.


VTuesday Shoesday

i completely forgot what day it was when i woke up this morning (hazards of a working weekend, i suppose) but when i turned my computer on, i was thrilled to realize that it was already the best day of the week...and you know what that is! happy tuesday shoesday to you all!

last night on a late night stroll with mr. frederickson, i saw these lovely sandals in a store window and immediately fell in love. then, after a little morning research my love and need (yes, need)for these shoes grew for several reasons...

  1. they are called get outta town - what better name for these happy little summer sandals? they are just dying for a summer weekend away.
  2. they come in a million colors (yellow, blue, black, pewter, oh my!)
  3. that at tootsies (the fantastic shoe store/nail salon in burlington where these shoes were discovered) from now until july 4th when you buy two pairs of shoes totaling $100 or more you receive a coupon for 50% off the pedicure of your choice! shiny painted toes and a new pair of bright blue sandals? quite the heavenly combo if you ask me...

(via seychelles)

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