Mr. F's VT Dating Guide

Carl Frederickson here. So…..I am the infamous Mr. Frederickson. Hey, how are ya? Contrary to popular belief, I actually do exist. You loyal readers have heard much about me already. So its really good to finally meet everyone. My wonderful better half (and brilliant author of this forum) has asked me to un-mask myself and participate in Man Week. I am honored to do so, but don’t worry my dear male brethren, it didn’t come without a price. (Never do something for nothing in a relationship. Blog entry for a trip to Nantucket…, set, match – MR. F.)

Anyway, here goes. The first step is for all our women readers to click on the “X” on the upper righthand side of the page. Everyone do it? Good. Now we have that elite audience we wanted. What I wanted share with you all is a….let’s call it a Vermont Dating Guide. Not just any guide, but one that caters to the man who wants to impress his prospective while maintaining some dignity. (In a sense, its my personal Pub guide, but lets go with Dating so the “others” won’t know. )

Top Quaint Dating Spots in Vermont:

6. AmericanFlatbread – Burlington, VT - Always hits the spot. You almost don’t need a menu. Original flatbread pizzas, top notch winelist,…..they even brew their own beer. Just feels like Vermont.

5. The Perfect Wife – Manchester, VT - What a spot! On your way out of town in Manchester on Route 30. Uniquely Vermont Pub area.Premier spot for live music. There is a restaurant side as well in case your date gets tired of the pub. I never do.

4. Watershed Tavern – Brandon, VT - Worth the trip every time. Built on top of Neshobe Falls. The water runs underneath you as you sit atthe bar and enjoy the fireplace. One of the coolest places you will ever go for a pint. Your date might like it as well. Its all about ambience for her.

3. Two Brothers’ Tavern- Middlebury, VT - Timeless and true. An absolute must for any couple. An all-time favorite. You’ll both always leave happy. Also a downstairs dance hall with live music. Mosey on down if you’re feeling it. Say hello to Biel and Sarah for me.

2. Peavine Restaurant and Thirsty Bull Pub, Stockbridge, VT - Beautifully located in Stockbridge, VT on a bluff overlooking the White River. Live local entertainmenton Saturdays. Say hello to Coconut their talking Parrot for me. It’s the perfect spot for a first date. Never fails…..but if its does there’s easy access to I-89 in case the date goes poorly and you need a quickgetaway. (Stop in at Jake Coffee Company off exit 19...not in Vermont, but close enough).

1. The Grist Mill, Killington, VT - Always have a backup so if the Peavine is closed or just no one happens to be there, The Grist Mill is your failsafe. Tucked up against Summit Pond in Killington, VT. There is no place like it. Innovativearchitectural design with fabulous sightlines in all directions. Great food, a long front porch, a ski lodge bar area with a stage and dance floor, (a Photo Hunt machine which is always a great ice breaker), and a professional staff helping make that first date go oh so well. Its not meant to be if you and your date don’t hit it off for many years to come.

Well, thanks to all you for listening and for your loyal readership. This Blog rocks and is so cool. Until next year.

Mr. F.

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