tuesday shoesday: belles & whistles

confession: i get more junk email than any one i know. i sign up for every possible mailing list out there. every company on the planet has my contact info. mr. frederickson thinks it's dispicable, i however, can't get enough. i love being in the know - even if it's just about the goings on at pottery barn and city market.

but, every once in a while the value in these emails becomes overwhelmingly apparent. saturday was one of these instances. kate spade sent me an email and she told me about her fabulous new wedding line: belles & whistles. {i mean seriously, kate, how cute and fabulous are you?} so since kate took the time to tell me of this launch, i felt the need to spend several hours perusing not only the website, but also the style me pretty archives to try and decide how kate would influence me and what kind of bride i am going to be: the classic kind? the sparkly kind? the colorful kind? or the kind that hides cute little slippers under layers and layers of tulle? decisions decisions.
so, while i might not know what shoes to wear for the big day (details, details) i know that i love my gmail account and all the stylish folks that email me.

Super Burbs  – (April 5, 2011 at 12:43 PM)  

Hey...I know those shoes on the top left :)

And you are the queen of newsletters :)

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