top ten tuesdays - may to dos.

it is a dreary dreary afternoon here in vermont, and i am pulling out all the stops to try and brighten my day. my mood this morning was lifted thanks to kate spade's lovely polka dots, but this afternoon required me to take some extreme measures...yes, that's right, friends. it's to do list time.

you all know that nothing makes me happier than a good list, especially when it is filled with so much anticipation and excitement about all that lies ahead in the wonderful (and celebratory) month of may!

may to dos...

  1. run the dandelion half marathon in derby, vermont. how can you NOT want to participate in an event named after - and in support of - the cutest weed there is?
  2. indulge in a little vermont restaurant week gluttony. soo many yummy choices. how is a girl to choose?
  3. shop the simon pearce tent sale for wedding gifts for all the brides to be in my life. (it's not posted yet, but it will be soon. and trust me, it's worth the research!)
  4. experience the water & wine tour at boyden valley winery. a canoe trip down the lamoille river followed by a tasting and a tour. yes, please.
  5. two words - farmers. markets. (opening day in burlington is may 8th)
  6. take a ferry ride across lake champlain. just 'cause it sounds like fun.
  7. enjoy the view (and the yummy drinks) at splash & breakwaters.
  8. go to the sunset drive in.
  9. enjoy every painful second of the vermont city marathon with the rest of the american cancer society runners! i love you all (-:
  10. say good bye to 27 and welcome the big 2-8 with open arms. i think it's going to be a very good year.

alright, folks, there you have it - my may to dos. what am i missing? what's on your to do list?

Carly (@RealGloss)  – (April 27, 2010 at 8:56 PM)  

What a great post! Here is why I am looking forward to May in San Francisco :)

1. a Local Noodle Fest
2. the Oakland Museum opens
3. Outdoor movie night (showing Up!)
4. The Artichoke festival
5. Running the Bay to Breakers 10K

This made my day thinking about the fun to be had!

Abby  – (April 28, 2010 at 3:05 PM)  

You forgot a visit to the Super Burbs ;)

I would also like to run any half marathon named after flowers. Sign me up!

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