it's daysie season

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that's right folks. it's time for the annual seven days best of vermont awards - aka the daysies. (get it, days - daysies?! it took me awhile..) anyway, you know i love a good list, so i can not wait for this to be published in the august 4th issue. plus this year, i am not so secretly hoping to be voted the best vermont blog (yes, that's a real category!) and i would love your support and help in making that happen!

voting is simple - simply click here or pick up a current issue of seven days and fill out a handwritten ballot. just two things to remember: you have to vote in atleast 50 categories and you have to do it by this friday, june 25th.

so, get out there, tell us what you think! and spread the word...every vote counts (-:

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