one hot gypsy summer.

i am a gypsy. between work and all sorts of fun personal commitments (showers, weddings, parties, oh my!) i am on the road for much of the summer. which on one hand makes me really sad, as summer in vermont is the greatest, but on the other hand, the silver lining is that i get travel to all sorts of other fabulous places throughout new england. so, if it is ok with you all, i am going to take you along for the ride - hope you don't mind! and please, if you have any must see sights or must visit locations, or must eat meals, let me know. i need some help as i wander. and, while i do love vermont, i also love the vermont state of mind - and that, my friends, you can take anywhere!

so in the spirit of list making, here is some of what i am looking forward to this summer:

  • spending many a beach day on nantucket, followed by sunburned trips to bartlett farm (rivaling those in vermont for the best farmstand of all time)
  • getting my twirl on at one fabulous wedding here
  • sporting this tote bag all summer as the official gypsy carryall
  • getting my fill of microbrews at the vermont brewers festival
  • stalking my girl crush, emerson made, at her portsmouth, nh hideaway - hopefully just in time for the august launch of her clothing line (eek!)
  • discovering the best local ice cream every place i go. an excellent summer goal, if i may say so myself
  • making these summery cocktails. new motto: have mason jars, will travel
  • trying to get to maine for this, which just might be the tastiest festival of all time
  • convincing mr. frederickson to hike mt washington with me and our fun and fabulous friends (i need a little help on this one)
  • enjoy every second of this fleeting season here in new will be september before we know it. although, i think fall is pretty fabulous too...

so, what about you? what are you looking forward to this summer?!

Lady Grey  – (June 25, 2010 at 11:20 PM)  

Fabulous post darling. That cocktail looks amazingly refreshing!

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