summer in vermont means...

...that it's officially creemee season. yup, you heard right, creemee season.

so what is a creemee, (or kreemee or creamie or creame) you ask? well simply put it's just the most wonderful summer treat in the world. some may think it is just soft serve ice cream (silly flatlanders) but here in vermont, a creemee is so much more than that - it's an institution. a frozen ice cream treat of an institution. a tradition unlike any other. and one of the few things we know for certain is that when the creemee stands open their doors in june - you know, without a doubt that summer is officially here.

click here for a list of creemee stands, and to read about the creemee back story (yes there is a backstory) click here. oh it is going to be a long, but oh so educational, summer! and i can't wait!

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Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**  – (June 22, 2010 at 6:02 PM)  

Oh I've never heard of this creemee, but I do love my soft serve :) Yum! xo

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