happy father's day!

i happen to have the best father on the planet - which works out quite nicely since i also have the best mother on the planet!

but trust me, i didn't just come to this realization overnight. it has taken years to truly understand and appreciate the amazing man, father and husband he is. (and dad, know that i mean that as a compliment. you taught me nothing worth anything comes easy and without effort and thought, right!? right!?)

and in honor of the fantastic mr. k on this fathers day(and to let you in on some of his awesomeness) please see the list below of the top ten reasons why he is the best dad ever.
  • he is the best car packer ever. he could fit the contents of an 18 wheeler into my camry, and still make sure i could see out the back for safety's sake.
  • he loves my mother to pieces. and tells her, and us, every day how lucky he is...
  • ...while at the same time he can say things like "there is no such thing as luck" and really truly thinks he means it.
  • growing up, he spoke to us in "different languages" which meant picking an accent (italian was his favorite) and sticking to it until my brother and i would cry with laughter begging him to stop. to which he would say - "me? i'm a no speak italian." still to this day, it makes me smile.
  • he gets teary eyed, or as he claims, allergies, every time i leave the house, and i only live an hour away!
  • his greatest moments in life are when the family is all together. well, that and when he was featured in our local banks most recent ad campaign. my town, my mutual. check out the video here.
  • he gives the best hugs, whether you want one or not :-)
  • he taught my brother and i the true meaning and value of hard work, whether that meant pumping gas, carving pumpkins, cleaning windows or writing. and nothing, i mean nothing, is more valuable than that.
  • i personally think he coined the phrase "it doesn't get any better than this" although, i am certain a few others have uttered these words, i very much doubt that anyone has ever meant it the way he does.
  • he loves being out on the water, a good cold beer, an afternoon on the golf course, and an evening bike ride, but he loves nothing more than he loves his family.
and trust me, that is just the beginning of the awesome dad list. i'm a very lucky girl.

happy father's day.
XOXO, fabio

Michelle  – (June 19, 2010 at 11:47 PM)  

Your Dad - my uncle - is, in fact, one of the best. We are lucky girls, for certain. And, I'm laughing hysterically at the accent thing...this is the same guy who made up a chant for me when I arrived back in the good ole USA from Nairobi. Great, great, great photos. XOXO

Judith  – (June 20, 2010 at 1:15 PM)  

i seem to have allergies today reading about two of the most wonderful men in my life. they just don't get any better......

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**  – (June 22, 2010 at 6:03 PM)  

What a SWEET post! Your dad and my dad might be tied for the greatest ;) xo

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