crossing my crossables...

{leap of faith via weheartit}

the sun is just beginning to shine up here in vermont and i am crossing all my crossables that it stays out all weekend! so, i am taking a leap of faith that the weather might cooperate and that i will be able to cross a few (just a few) things off my summer to do list, including the following:
  • take advantage of vermont days and enjoy a free visit to one of the 52 of state parks
  • make these yummy treats for saturday's barbeque, or if time gets away from me, i might just bring ice cream sandwiches from this magical little spot.
  • pick some strawberries. 'tis the season (-:
  • pretend i am a music buff and listen to some jazz at the closing night of the discover burlington jazz festival.
  • drive around looking for some curbside treasures like the vintage ladder this lucky lady found.
  • drag mr. frederickson to the waitsfield farmer's market. my pitch will go a little something like this: c'mon, honey, it will be fun. i even promise to buy something and not just waste time looking at all the tasty treats and perfectly ripe vegetables. and then i will take you to an even tastier brunch at red hen bakery before we head home to for beers and world cup soccer watching...ppllleeeaasssee! what do you think? will it work?

so here's to making the best of what we get this weekend! i hope yours is all you wish it to be.


Lady Grey  – (June 11, 2010 at 11:04 PM)  

this is a great list.... aw the endless possibilities of summer ; )

dognbird  – (June 13, 2010 at 11:06 PM)  

Sounds like a perfect summer :)

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