VTuesday Shoesday

like rose, last week's talented guest blogger, my love for shoes began when i was just a little girl. although i have to admit, that i was certainly not as pragmatic as she, as my love for frilly inappropriate shoes began in my dress up box, not on the playground or at the state fair. i would spend hours and hours in a little fantasy world pretending i was a princess or a super hero, or a famous chef or just someone fabulous. however, the one constant of these personalities was that they always donned one magnificent pair of shoes - gifted to me by rose's great aunt barb. and they looked a little something like these (although, kick me if they were $700 valentinos!)

and if it were totally up to me, i would have stayed home today on this tuesday shoesday and played dress up. because, to be honest, this chilly, gloomy tuesday needs a little something to spice things up....

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