forest heavens.

it's that time of year. the time when the temperature during the day climbs ever so carefully above freezing and the earth breathes a sigh of relief that it can relax and warm up a bit. but what that means for the rest of us is simple, we must welcome the frost heaves and the signage that accompanies them.for the next few weeks the roads will be posted with signs as seen above - signifying a bumpy ride ahead (and trust me, bumpy is often an understatement) but for me, this sign reminds me of my childhood, when the ride in the backseat of our volvo stationwagon felt like a roller coaster and my little brother, who was just learning to read, pronounced these bumps in the road to be "forest heavens." a name that has managed to stay with us and will always make me smile.

so, in the next few weeks, i challenge you to take a wrong turn and drive down a bumpy dirt road - you never know where the forest heavens might lead...

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