super healthy, simply decadent, and fun*

i love peanut butter. i love chocolate. and you know i love vermont. so, put all these elements together and what do you get? well, simply put, you get the most amazing, mouth watering taste of deliciousness to come out a jar since marshmallow fluff, aka vermont peanut butter.
plus, vpb (we are friends, so there are nicknames) is better than fluff because it's actually good for you! each jar is jam packed with natural, healthy & pure protein. and there is no refined sugar, preservatives or other yucky and unnecessary chemicals added.

so grab a spoon and dig in! 'cause really, who needs the bread and jelly?

although, on second thought, some of the avalanche pb smeared on a piece of wheat toast with a light layer of fluff sounds pretty good as well...however you chose to indulge, enjoy!

*exact phrase is from their mission statement. how cool is that?

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