top ten tuesdays

there is nothing better than a good list. and there is no day tougher than a tuesday. so, here at love vermont, we are going to make it a bit of a tradition - top ten tuesdays. 'cause if you ask me tuesday needs a little love...

so for the first edition of my favorite new tradition - top ten thoughts on whole living (courtesy of martha stewarts hippie cousin)

  1. take the guilt out of pleasure. sometimes the thing you want most is just what you need
  2. you can't force flexibility. it's about releasing and opening gradually
  3. invest in experiences, not just objects
  4. don't over think, some happy moments are best left unanalyzed
  5. real intimacy is expressed not with more words, but with meaningful ones
  6. try a little less housework and a little more sleep
  7. to find your strength, push past your comfort zone
  8. rather than beautifying yourself, nourish yourself
  9. finding answers to your questions won't come from feeding your fears
  10. sometimes getting lost is the only way to figure out where you really are

so, happy tuesday to you. if this tradition doesn't bring you the same joy as it does to me...create your own. why not? it's tuesday.

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