i like plans. i like calendars and lists and schedules. it's in my DNA.
so, the word spontaneity is not even in my vocabulary. especially when it comes to things like holidays...when i think plans are part of the fun. however, this last weekend, i was proven wrong. very wrong.
the type A planner in me got hives thinking about going out on valentine's day with no schedule, plans or reservations. but, i gave in. i let go and let mr. spontaneity take the wheel.
we wandered out the front door and meandered down church street not having any idea where the night might lead (again, hives) but it was perfect. a quick stop at 3 of our most favorite places...all with delightful waitresses, warm candlelight, tasty snacks, yummy red wine and sparking conversation. so, yes, it may have had something to do with the company (and the wine helped the hives) but, it was perfect.
so, whether you want to plan for it or not, our valentine's day bar crawl comes highly recommended.

156 bistro - yes, it might be known for its fabulous big screen tvs (mr. spontaneity loved this) but the vibe is not your typical sports bar - its a tricky combination of sleek and cozy, trendy and familiar. plus, menu is great (the bistro burger might change your life) the wine list is wonderful, and the wait staff couldn't be friendlier. next time, however, i am going to beeline to the back and get the coveted seat on the leather couch by the fire place...ahh...

american flatbread - heaven. if i had to dream up the perfect restaurant, this would be pretty close. local beer, woodfired pizza made with local, organic ingredients, perfect ambiance...rustic vermont meets classic italian (whats not to love about a restaurant with checkered table cloths?) plus, our fantastic waitress gave us some excellent advice and helped us save a little bit of money. how often does that happen? my only complaint is that they were out of the brownie sundae (apparently valentines day is a big dessert holiday!) but to satisfy our lingering sweet tooth, we asked our server for pot of local honey to dip your pizza crusts in. it wasn't a brownie sundae, but it got the job done (-:

daily planet - a local favorite of ours. a cozy, celarium turned restaurant/bar. admittedly, i have never actually eaten there...just enjoyed a glass of wine or two. the menu, drink list, artwork, and clientelle is constantly changing, so there is never a dull moment. but, i think, besides the super cool decor, my favorite part of the planet is the drink special called the cougar which is "any of the specialty martinis, plus a bud bottle for your cub" hahaha.

"the essence of pleasure is spontaneity..."

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