power brand

i am about to tell you about three powerful words, so pay attention.

  1. made
  2. in
  3. vermont

think about it. vermont may be one of the best things going. what other state is also a brand that has an entire product line connected to it? what other state captures such a sense of simplicity, authenticity, and value with every product sold?

when people think of vermont they think of mountain ranges and valleys, historic towns and country stores, sheep and cows, heritage and tradition, foliage and snow, farmers and hippies, and a lifestyle of quality and simple pleasures.

so, put this together and what do you have? a power brand. we have the market cornered on maple syrup, cheese, and anything and everything organic or environmentaly friendly. (as the bumper sticker says, we were green before green was cool) you put the "made in vermont" stamp on anything and it is an instant hit. the locals feel great about supporting their home state, and visitors feel like they are capturing some of the quality, essence and beauty that vermont brings to the table.so, with this in mind, i am going to have a weekly "made in vermont" post. to celebrate all the wonderful products that come out of this wonderful state - from wool socks and ice cream to snowboards and chocolate and everything in between.

recommendations welcomed and appreciated (-:

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