wine wednesday

i have to agree with seven days blogger haylee that "when the weather soars above 90 — and Vermonters curse their neighbors with air conditioning — standing waist deep in lake champlain holding a cold drink sounds like the thing to do." and, clearly, in my opinion, that drink should be wine. but which wine, you ask? now that is a question that dedalus wine shop co-owner jason zuliani, needed to answer. jason, besides being a very cool and well rounded guy, knows quite a bit about wine, especially the kind of wine to drink while wading in the nearest swimming hole during the steamy, but oh so fleeting, days of summer...

and what jason had to say in a recent interview might surprise you. he said the best new wines of summer are either an italian white (like a lugana or grillo) which are generally crisp, minerally, refreshing and vibrant or a rose (which have come along way since the box o' wine white zins of yesteryear!) which should be equally as crisp, juicy, and mouthwatering. lots of good advice, with a little bit of snark...his interview is definitely worth the read and his store is definitely worth a visit! dedalus is filled with tons of yummy bottles (including this and this!) no matter what your mood, taste or the season.

so, i think i just might celebrate the hump day with a cold and crisp glass of wine and a dip in the lake. i hope you all have some tricks up yoursleves tonight too. will be august before you know it!

ps - if there werent enough reasons already to's also national milk chocolate day! gotta love that.

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