simon pearce + harpoon = love

i love the idea of a wine pairing dinner. food and wine prepared by those who know and paired together in expert fashion, all designed to enhance the taste and experience of it all. what could be better? plus, it's like a little mini culinary lesson where you just have to learn and enjoy and not do all the work! and while i would love a wine pairing dinner, i know so very little about wine, the sheer magnitude of the evening coupled with the fear of embarassment would be too much for me. so when i got this email from my friends (yes, friends) at simon pearce, i just got giddy thinking about this beer pairing dinner - it seems right up my alley, as it is so very vermont, so very local and so very mr. frederickson. bless his heart, as he tries to be a wine guy, but his true love is a nice cold ipa. and after reading the menu they have prepared, i really can't say i blame him. and, to top it all off, you know the beer is going to be served in these beauties

here's what the menu looks like:
  • sparkling cider taste
  • yellowfin tuna ceviche, oranges, spicy chiles, toasted coriander popcorn & ufo hefeweizen and ufo white
  • grilled venison "sliders" stone ground wheat pretzel roll, local honey grain mustard dip, sea salt and vinegar chips & ipa
  • sweet and sour roasted pork shoulder, toasted coconut, pineapple, sweet potato fries & 100 barrel series "pott's landbier"
  • braised bison short ribaged cheddar potato gratin, broccoli, malt jus & leviathan series "big bohemian pilsner"
  • marinated raspberry foolpink peppercorns, mascarpone, toasted almond crisp & ufo raspberry hefeweizen

and here are the rest of the details: join us in our private dining room for a four-course tasting dinner and educational event featuring selections from harpoon brewery. tuesday, july 20, beginning at 7pm $55 per person for more info, click here. so c'mon, who's in?

Lady Grey  – (July 7, 2010 at 10:20 PM)  

OMG that sounds sooooooo good!

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