the lampshade lady

the most recent issue of yankee magazine featured an article about judy lake, aka lampshade lady. and, yes, she is just as wonderful as her alterego would lead you to believe. in her pawlet, vermont studio, lampshade lady creates one of a kind creations out of vintage postcards, photos, fabric, and, yup, you guessed it, lamps.

what a great project it would be have one created with memories from all my summer travels. or what about a lamp as a wedding gift - one that chronicles places important to the happy couple or photos from their past? oh, there are just so many fun ideas! and if you are feeling brave and crafty, it can be a great DIY project (she teaches a workshop too!) and doesn't her studio just loook like the most welcoming place on earth!? i can't wait to visit!

{images via here & here}

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