home is wherever i'm with you.

saying that i am on the slow boat when it comes to music would be an understatement. for someone who spends so much of life in the car with the radio on, i always seem to be the last to know about a new band or a fabulous new song. (please don't ask me to tell you the lady gaga story - it's embarassing)

luckily, i have some fabulous friends who are much more in the know when it comes to this type of thing. and one of these lovely ladies introduced me to the most wonderful song a few weeks ago and since then, i have been hearing it everywhere (sometimes being on the slow boat has its perks! cause it surprises and delights me every single time i hear it!)

so, ladies and gentlement, i present you with home, by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. and why am i just telling you about this now? well, because they just so happen to be coming to higher ground in burlington, vermont on july 26th. um, yes, please!

Lady Grey  – (July 13, 2010 at 12:01 PM)  

aren't they fabulous?! I hope you get to see them live!

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