VTuesday Shoesday {meets Field Days}

today was, until just a few moments ago, very uninspired...but then i opened an email from a lovely friend of mine reminding me that this weekend is lamoille county field days! and all of a sudden i had a twinkle in my eye, a spring in my step and a new focus for tuesday shoesday.

for you flatlanders who have no idea what i am talking about, vermont has a charming tradition of state fairs - which are really week long festivals that start now and finish up with the biggest ticket in town, the champlain valley fair over labor day weekend. needless to say, they are fantastic events filled with more creemees and fried dough than you ever thought possible and activities ranging from skillet throwing and baby bottle milk drinking contests to lumber jack round ups and demolition derbys. there are rides and concerts and people to see! and, trust me, you can not show up to a fair unprepared and footwear plays an important role. toes must be covered and you must be ready to get dirty - cause you never know when you might unexpectedly have to scramble for a pig...

so, with field days on my to do list this weekend, this tuesday shoesday is all about boots. more specifically, it's about the tough, rugged, upforanything, yet still alittlebitstylish frye boots. and the best thing about these boots is that you can get them at the shoe shop in burlington AND the more worn in they get, the better. and what's not to love about a shoe that gets more fabulous with age?

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