the sweetest attraction.

there are a couple of reasons for this post:

  1. it's national junk food day. yup, it's true (check out some scary stats here)
  2. it's hot and sticky here in vermont - really the perfect day for ice cream
  3. trip advisor just unwrapped their list of america's sweetest attractions

so, for this trifecta of reasons...i bring you, ben & jerry's. more specifically, i bring you the ben and jerry's ice cream factory in waterbury, vt. one of the my most favorite places to visit in vermont...the 30-minute experience begins with a movie recounting the company’s history, and then continues on with a tour of the the production room, where you learn details of the ice cream manufacturing process (and it's a pretty and likeable process, trust me) plus, all summer and fall, you can visit the "flavor graveyard" on the factory grounds, and pay their respects to dearly de-pinted flavors such as pb & j, and economic crunch. (hmm...wonder why that one didn't make it!)

so, friends, in honor of this great day, what's your favorite ben & jerry's flavor? living or deceased?! are you an imagine whirled peace kind of girl? or a chubby hubby kind of guy? whatever you choose, take some time out for a sweet treat today, it's a national holiday, after all!

Michelle  – (July 22, 2010 at 6:10 AM)  

Coffee heath bar, all the way!

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