VTuesday Shoesday

i completely forgot what day it was when i woke up this morning (hazards of a working weekend, i suppose) but when i turned my computer on, i was thrilled to realize that it was already the best day of the week...and you know what that is! happy tuesday shoesday to you all!

last night on a late night stroll with mr. frederickson, i saw these lovely sandals in a store window and immediately fell in love. then, after a little morning research my love and need (yes, need)for these shoes grew for several reasons...

  1. they are called get outta town - what better name for these happy little summer sandals? they are just dying for a summer weekend away.
  2. they come in a million colors (yellow, blue, black, pewter, oh my!)
  3. that at tootsies (the fantastic shoe store/nail salon in burlington where these shoes were discovered) from now until july 4th when you buy two pairs of shoes totaling $100 or more you receive a coupon for 50% off the pedicure of your choice! shiny painted toes and a new pair of bright blue sandals? quite the heavenly combo if you ask me...

(via seychelles)

Amy@OldSweetSong  – (May 6, 2010 at 6:50 PM)  

Oh! I love these, I just bought them in the pewter. The blue is awes though. Purrfect summer shoes.

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