Vtuesday Shoesday.

i grew up teasing my mom for her shoe choices. she wore clogs, giant red rain boots, rubber flip flops, topsiders, and llbean boots. but the most noteworthy of them all were her trusty tretorns. it was a tradition that at the beginning of every summer she would venture out and purchase herself a pair of bright new white ones and each summer was marked by the color of the logo - red, navy, black, even plaid! (that was a big year)

and years later, much to my (and her) surprise, i have slowly, but surely followed her footwear lead - from boots to flip flops and now, even the tretorns. seeing as that jcrew has reinvented the classic sneaker - i think i just might need a pair. afterall, what says summer in the country better than a pair of snazzy new sneakers, ripped old levi shorts and white tshirt?

and mom, don't think i have forgotten about your frye boots. major shoe envy. they will certainly make a Tuesday Shoesday appearance come fall. stay tuned (-:

Judith  – (May 25, 2010 at 8:25 AM)  

tretorns have changed a bit! Nana always wore keds. Some things never change no matter what!!

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