lilac love.

what i know about flowers can be summed up as follows:

  • mums= fall
  • poinsettas = christmas
  • red roses = valentines day
  • daffodils = spring
  • lilacs = birthday

so clearly, i'm pretty simple minded when it comes to flowers and smells, but each one of them conjurs up such wonderful memories of holidays and celebrations gone by that i can't really complain. and this time of year it's all about lilacs...

...for as long as i can remember i have woken up on my birthday to the smell of lilacs - whether it be a bouquet from my mom on my bedside table, or just the fresh air blowing through the open window. so, just a whiff of these lovely spring flowers brings a smile to my face...along with thoughts of breakfast in bed, perfectly wrapped presents, and maybe a cupcake or two!

and luckily this year (even with the april blizzard) the lilacs have come just a bit early. and i think with that, the celebrations should start now as well. do i have any objections?

(all images via we heart it)

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