kate's sweet tooth.

we all have kate seaver's sweet tooth to thank for the newest made in vermont confection - natural, artisanal, marshmallows. yup, that's right, marshmallows. and if you think that's good news, just wait to you hear about the flavors in candy kate's collection. rose, lemon meringue, toasted almond, honey & cinnamon - with lots more on the way. can you say, yum?!

oh how these beautiful pillows of (natural) sugar make me long for a campfire. and it just so happens there is one in my near future thanks to the the upcoming birthday celebration for my fabulous friend SEB. i think i know what my contibution to the barn/birthday/bonfire party might be! now i just need to decide where to purchase the graham crackers and chocolate....choices, choices...

a whole lotta love  – (May 13, 2010 at 12:20 PM)  

How interesting. Have you tried them yet? Also, her website says you can pick them up, but it doesn't give her address. Do you know where she is located?

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