wine wednesdays & cinco de mayo!

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as my friend in the super burbs said today - "i love may, i love mexican food, i love margaritas, and i love a good flirty dress - cinco de mayo is soooo up my alley" i couldn't have said it better myself. plus, i always appreciate a good excuse to celebrate life...and when you can add guacamole and party hats to the mix, it just makes it that much more fun!

but i was having a bit of a cinco de mayo conundrum - the holiday is all about tequila and coronas, but it's also wine wednesday here in vermont. what was a girl to do?! what is she to post about? but then, my debate was answered thanks to the brilliant folks at cooking light who just today released an article about wine & mexican food. oh, how i love when i'm not alone in my angst!
according to the experts at cooking light "wines that are high in acid stay bright in the mouth. like a sharp knife, the acidity in the wine cuts through even the most extroverted spicy flavors, leaving the diner on that wonderful seesaw where a sip of the wine makes you want a bite of the food and a bite of the food makes you want a sip of the wine."

and what type of wine is that, you ask? well - it can be any of the following varietals...
  • whites - sauvignon blanc, a dry riesling or a spanish albarino
  • reds - spanish riojas, italian chiantis or french pinot noirs.
also recommended wines to pair with your adobo sauces and other hearty flavors are those with a "plush, thick mouth feel...with thick, supersupple, superberried flavors of these wine are like a soft cushion for the robust seasonings to dance upon. " the dancing wines include - an australian shiraz and a north coast zinfandel.

so off i go to the store with my post note of wine suggestions and a shopping list fora adobado pork tenderloin, pineapple-chipotle salsa, and jicama salad. cooking light did me well today. thank you, once again!

a whole lotta love  – (May 5, 2010 at 8:32 PM)  

ooh. sounds delicious. thanks for the wine recommendations, as always. we had an all mexican fiesta a few weeks ago for my birthday too. its so much fun. feliz cinco de mayo!

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