wine wednesdays.

another new tradition here at lovevermont - wine wednesdays.
why, you ask? well, why not?
ok, so then why now? no reason really, except i just wanted an excuse to introduce you all to my current favorite varietal*

vermont meet plungerhead. plungerhead meet vermont.

please, don't hold a grudge just because plungerhead is not a local. he is trying hard to win our affections by becoming the official sponsor of vermont restaurant week - so really, it is in our best interest to embrace him. plus, he is just really yummy, quite cute, and comes from a really good family. i think we are all going to become great friends.

*as of now i know very little about wine other than i like the taste and i really appreciate a clever label. (please note that i use the word varietal but have no idea what it actually means) but this will all change after my first ever wine tasting next week at shelburne vineyard! i'll be sommelier certified in no time (-:

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